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#!/bin/bash -vex
set -x -e
echo "running as" $(id)
set -v
# Nexus needs Java 8
export PATH=$MOZ_FETCHES_DIR/jdk-8/bin:$PATH
. taskcluster/scripts/misc/android-gradle-dependencies/
export MOZCONFIG=mobile/android/config/mozconfigs/android-arm-gradle-dependencies/nightly
./mach build
./mach gradle downloadDependencies
./mach android gradle-dependencies
pushd mobile/android/fenix
./gradlew detekt lint assembleDebug mozilla-lint-rules:test
pushd mobile/android/focus-android
./gradlew lint
pushd mobile/android/android-components
# Before building anything we explicitly build one component that contains Glean and initializes
# the Miniconda Python environment and doesn't have (almost) any other transitive dependencies.
# If that happens concurrently with other tasks then this seems to fail quite often.
./gradlew service-nimbus:build
./gradlew -Pcoverage detekt lint service-nimbus:assembleAndroidTest samples-browser:testGeckoDebugUnitTest tooling-lint:test
. taskcluster/scripts/misc/android-gradle-dependencies/