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Using The Mozilla Source Server
Using the Mozilla source server is now even more feature-packed. The
nightly debug builds are now also Source Indexed so that by following a
couple of simple steps you can also have the source code served to you
for debugging without a local build.
What you'll need
- `WinDbg <>`__ or Visual Studio (not Code)
- A nightly build; go to the
`/pub/firefox/nightly/latest-mozilla-central/ <>`__
folder and grab the installer
Set up symbols
Follow the instructions for :ref:`Using the Mozilla symbol
server <Using The Mozilla Symbol Server>`. Once
the symbol path is set you must now enable Source Server.
Using the source server in WinDbg
In the WinDbg command line, type ``.srcfix`` and hit enter. This enables
source server support.
.. image:: img/windbg-srcfix.png
Using the source server in Visual Studio
Enable source server support under Tools -> Options. Also, disable
(uncheck) the box that says "Require source files to exactly match the
original version".
.. image:: img/enableSourceServer.png