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Using The Mozilla Source Server
| This page is an import from MDN and the contents might be outdated |
Using the Mozilla source server is now even more feature-packed. The
nightly debug builds are now also Source Indexed so that by following a
couple of simple steps you can also have the source code served to you
for debugging without a local build
What you'll need
or Visual Studio (Note: express editions will not work, but WinDbg is
a free download)
- A nightly build that was created after April 15, 2008; go to the
`/pub/firefox/nightly/latest-mozilla-central/ <>`__
folder and grab the installer
Set up symbols
Follow the instructions for :ref:`Using the Mozilla symbol
server <Using The Mozilla Symbol Server>`. Once
the symbol path is set you must now enable Source Server.
Using the source server in WinDbg
In the WinDbg command line, type ``.srcfix`` and hit enter. This enables
source server support.
.. image:: img/windbg-srcfix.png
Using the source server in Visual Studio
Source server support does not work correctly out of the
box in Visual Studio 2005. If you install WinDBG, and copy srcsrv.dll
from the WinDBG install dir to the Visual Studio install dir
(replacing the existing copy) it will work.
Enable source server support under Tools -> Options. Also, disable
(uncheck) the box that says "Require source files to exactly match the
original version".
.. image:: img/enableSourceServer.png