Name Description Size
baddataDB.sqlite 0
corruptDB.sqlite 0
fakeDB.sqlite 6
goodDB.sqlite 0
head_storage.js Obtains a corrupt database to test against. 10711
locale_collation.txt 0
test_bug-365166.js 635
test_bug-393952.js 868
test_bug-429521.js 1164
test_bug-444233.js 1426
test_cache_size.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 2047
test_chunk_growth.js Dump in at least 32K worth of data. While writing ensure that the file size growth in chunksize set above. 1406
test_connection_asyncClose.js Thorough branch coverage for asyncClose. Coverage of asyncClose by connection state at time of AsyncClose invocation: - (asyncThread && mDBConn) => AsyncCloseConnection used, actually closes - test_asyncClose_does_not_complete_before_statements - test_double_asyncClose_throws - test_asyncClose_does_not_throw_without_callback - (asyncThread && !mDBConn) => AsyncCloseConnection used, although no close is required. Note that this is only possible in the event that openAsyncDatabase was used and we failed to open the database. Additionally, the async connection will never be exposed to the caller and AsyncInitDatabase will be the one to (automatically) call AsyncClose. - test_asyncClose_failed_open - (!asyncThread && mDBConn) => Close() invoked, actually closes - test_asyncClose_on_sync_db - (!asyncThread && !mDBConn) => Close() invoked, no close needed, errors. This happens if the database has already been closed. - test_double_asyncClose_throws 5311
test_connection_executeAsync.js This file tests the functionality of mozIStorageConnection::executeAsync for both mozIStorageStatement and mozIStorageAsyncStatement. A single database connection is used for the entirety of the test, which is a legacy thing, but we otherwise use the modern promise-based driver and async helpers. 5262
test_connection_executeSimpleSQLAsync.js This file tests the functionality of mozIStorageAsyncConnection::executeSimpleSQLAsync. 2443
test_connection_failsafe_close.js This file tests edge-cases related to mozStorageService::unregisterConnection in the face of failsafe closing at destruction time which results in SpinningSynchronousClose being invoked which can "resurrect" the connection and result in a second call to unregisterConnection. See for more context. 1241
test_connection_interrupt.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 3551
test_default_journal_size_limit.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 1260
test_js_helpers.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 3958
test_levenshtein.js 2285
test_like.js 5601
test_like_escape.js 2296
test_locale_collation.js Bug 499990 - Locale-aware collation Tests our custom, locale-aware collating sequences. 8035
test_minimizeMemory.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 641
test_page_size_is_32k.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 879
test_persist_journal.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 2355
test_readonly-immutable-nolock_vfs.js 1798
test_retry_on_busy.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 5987
test_sqlite_secure_delete.js This file tests to make sure that SQLite was compiled with SQLITE_SECURE_DELETE=1. 2188
test_statement_executeAsync.js This file tests the functionality of mozIStorageBaseStatement::executeAsync for both mozIStorageStatement and mozIStorageAsyncStatement. 29859
test_statement_wrapper_automatically.js A convenience wrapper for do_check_eq. Calls do_check_eq on aActualVal and aReturnedVal, with one caveat. Date objects are converted before parameter binding to PRTime's (microsecs since epoch). They are not reconverted when retrieved from the database. This function abstracts away this reconversion so that you can pass in, for example: checkVal(new Date(), aReturnedVal) // this checkVal(new Date().valueOf() * 1000.0, aReturnedVal) // instead of this Should any other types require conversion in the future, their conversions may also be abstracted away here. @param aActualVal the value inserted into the database @param aReturnedVal the value retrieved from the database 4580
test_storage_connection.js 30804
test_storage_fulltextindex.js 2739
test_storage_function.js 2259
test_storage_progresshandler.js 2781
test_storage_service.js 7385
test_storage_service_special.js 1633
test_storage_service_unshared.js 1237
test_storage_statement.js 4938
test_storage_value_array.js 5011
test_unicode.js 2635
test_vacuum.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 11325
VacuumParticipant.sys.mjs Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 2956
xpcshell.ini 1483