Name Description Size A Rust wrapper for mozStorage. mozStorage wraps the SQLite C API with support for XPCOM data structures, asynchronous statement execution, cleanup on shutdown, and connection cloning that propagates attached databases, pragmas, functions, and temporary entities. It also collects timing and memory usage stats for telemetry, and supports detailed statement logging. Additionally, mozStorage makes it possible to use the same connection handle from JS and native (C++ and Rust) code. Most mozStorage objects, like connections, statements, result rows, and variants, are thread-safe. Each connection manages a background thread that can be used to execute statements asynchronously, without blocking the main thread. This crate provides a thin wrapper to make mozStorage easier to use from Rust. It only wraps the synchronous API, so you can either manage the entire connection from a background thread, or use the `moz_task` crate to dispatch tasks to the connection's async thread. Executing synchronous statements on the main thread is not supported, and will assert in debug builds. 18052