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LICENSE-MIT 1023 A crate for measuring the heap usage of data structures in a way that integrates with Firefox's memory reporting, particularly the use of mozjemalloc and DMD. In particular, it has the following features. - It isn't bound to a particular heap allocator. - It provides traits for both "shallow" and "deep" measurement, which gives flexibility in the cases where the traits can't be used. - It allows for measuring blocks even when only an interior pointer can be obtained for heap allocations, e.g. `HashSet` and `HashMap`. (This relies on the heap allocator having suitable support, which mozjemalloc has.) - It allows handling of types like `Rc` and `Arc` by providing traits that are different to the ones for non-graph structures. Suggested uses are as follows. - When possible, use the `MallocSizeOf` trait. (Deriving support is provided by the `malloc_size_of_derive` crate.) - If you need an additional synchronization argument, provide a function that is like the standard trait method, but with the extra argument. - If you need multiple measurements for a type, provide a function named `add_size_of` that takes a mutable reference to a struct that contains the multiple measurement fields. - When deep measurement (via `MallocSizeOf`) cannot be implemented for a type, shallow measurement (via `MallocShallowSizeOf`) in combination with iteration can be a useful substitute. - `Rc` and `Arc` are always tricky, which is why `MallocSizeOf` is not (and should not be) implemented for them. - If an `Rc` or `Arc` is known to be a "primary" reference and can always be measured, it should be measured via the `MallocUnconditionalSizeOf` trait. - If an `Rc` or `Arc` should be measured only if it hasn't been seen before, it should be measured via the `MallocConditionalSizeOf` trait. - Using universal function call syntax is a good idea when measuring boxed fields in structs, because it makes it clear that the Box is being measured as well as the thing it points to. E.g. `<Box<_> as MallocSizeOf>::size_of(field, ops)`. Note: WebRender has a reduced fork of this crate, so that we can avoid publishing this crate on 32716