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Credentials.jsm This module implements client-side key stretching for use in Firefox Accounts account creation and login. See 4237
FxAccounts.jsm 65068
FxAccountsClient.jsm Return client clock offset, in milliseconds, as determined by hawk client. Provided because callers should not have to know about hawk implementation. The offset is the number of milliseconds that must be added to the client clock to make it equal to the server clock. For example, if the client is five minutes ahead of the server, the localtimeOffsetMsec will be -300000. 26423
FxAccountsCommands.js Poll and handle device commands for the current device. This method can be called either in response to a Push message, or by itself as a "commands recovery" mechanism. @param {Number} notifiedIndex "Command received" push messages include the index of the command that triggered the message. We use it as a hint when we have no "last command index" stored. 15387
FxAccountsCommon.js 23396
FxAccountsConfig.jsm @param path should be parsable by the URL constructor first parameter. @param {bool} [options.includeDefaultParams] If true include the default search params. @param {Object.<string, string>} [options.extraParams] Additionnal search params. @param {bool} [options.addAccountIdentifiers] if true we add the current logged-in user uid and email to the search params. 10492
FxAccountsDevice.jsm 20434
FxAccountsKeys.jsm Checks if we currently have encryption keys or if we have enough to be able to successfully fetch them for the signed-in-user. 9583
FxAccountsOAuthGrantClient.jsm Firefox Accounts OAuth Grant Client allows clients to obtain an OAuth token from a BrowserID assertion. Only certain client IDs support this privilege. 6522
FxAccountsPairing.jsm The pairing flow can be modeled by a finite state machine: We start by connecting to a WebSocket channel (SuppConnectionPending). Then the other party connects and requests some metadata from us (PendingConfirmations). A confirmation happens locally first (PendingRemoteConfirmation) or the oppposite (PendingLocalConfirmation). Any side can decline this confirmation (Aborted). Once both sides have confirmed, the pairing flow is finished (Completed). During this flow errors can happen and should be handled (Errored). 12667
FxAccountsPairingChannel.js / (function(modules) { // webpackBootstrap /***** 113390
FxAccountsProfile.jsm Firefox Accounts Profile helper. This class abstracts interaction with the profile server for an account. It will handle things like fetching profile data, listening for updates to the user's profile in open browser tabs, and cacheing/invalidating profile data. 6588
FxAccountsProfileClient.jsm A client to fetch profile information for a Firefox Account. 9354
FxAccountsPush.jsm FxAccountsPushService manages Push notifications for Firefox Accounts in the browser @param [options] Object, custom options that used for testing @constructor 10013
FxAccountsStorage.jsm 23568
FxAccountsTelemetry.jsm 12025
FxAccountsWebChannel.jsm Firefox Accounts Web Channel. Uses the WebChannel component to receive messages about account state changes. 23217
RustFxAccount.js This class is a low-level JS wrapper around the `mozIFirefoxAccountsBridge` interface. A `RustFxAccount` instance can be associated to 0 or 1 Firefox Account depending on its login state. This class responsibilities are to: - Expose an async JS interface to the methods in `mozIFirefoxAccountsBridge` by converting the callbacks-driven routines into proper JS promises. - Serialize and deserialize the input and outputs of `mozIFirefoxAccountsBridge`. Complex objects are generally returned through JSON strings. 13598
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