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app_services_logger 4
async.js Helpers for various async operations. 8353
hawkclient.js HAWK is an HTTP authentication scheme using a message authentication code (MAC) algorithm to provide partial HTTP request cryptographic verification. For details, see: With HAWK, it is essential that the clocks on clients and server not have an absolute delta of greater than one minute, as the HAWK protocol uses timestamps to reduce the possibility of replay attacks. However, it is likely that some clients' clocks will be more than a little off, especially in mobile devices, which would break HAWK-based services (like sync and firefox accounts) for those clients. This library provides a stateful HAWK client that calculates (roughly) the clock delta on the client vs the server. The library provides an interface for deriving HAWK credentials and making HAWK-authenticated REST requests to a single remote server. Therefore, callers who want to interact with multiple HAWK services should instantiate one HawkClient per service. 11574
hawkrequest.js Single-use HAWK-authenticated HTTP requests to RESTish resources. @param uri (String) URI for the RESTRequest constructor @param credentials (Object) Optional credentials for computing HAWK authentication header. @param payloadObj (Object) Optional object to be converted to JSON payload @param extra (Object) Optional extra params for HAWK header computation. Valid properties are: now: <current time in milliseconds>, localtimeOffsetMsec: <local clock offset vs server>, headers: <An object with header/value pairs to be sent as headers on the request> extra.localtimeOffsetMsec is the value in milliseconds that must be added to the local clock to make it agree with the server's clock. For instance, if the local clock is two minutes ahead of the server, the time offset in milliseconds will be -120000. 5858
kinto-http-client.js This file is generated from kinto-http.js - do not modify directly. 124513
kinto-offline-client.js This file is generated from kinto.js - do not modify directly. 104293
kinto-storage-adapter.js Filter and sort list against provided filters and order. @param {Object} filters The filters to apply. @param {String} order The order to apply. @param {Array} list The list to reduce. @return {Array} 16235
logmanager.js Append to an nsIStorageStream This writes logging output to an in-memory stream which can later be read back as an nsIInputStream. It can be used to avoid expensive I/O operations during logging. Instead, one can periodically consume the input stream and e.g. write it to disk asynchronously. 15950
modules-testing 1 1160
observers.js A service for adding, removing and notifying observers of notifications. Wraps the nsIObserverService interface. @version 0.2 5211
rest.js Single use HTTP requests to RESTish resources. @param uri URI for the request. This can be an nsIURI object or a string that can be used to create one. An exception will be thrown if the string is not a valid URI. Examples: (1) Quick GET request: let response = await new RESTRequest("http://server/rest/resource").get(); if (!response.success) { // Bail out if we're not getting an HTTP 2xx code. processHTTPError(response.status); return; } processData(response.body); (2) Quick PUT request (non-string data is automatically JSONified) let response = await new RESTRequest("http://server/rest/resource").put(data); 19567
servicesComponents.manifest 93
tests 2
tokenserverclient.js Represents a TokenServerClient error that occurred on the client. This is the base type for all errors raised by client operations. @param message (string) Error message. 13155
uptake-telemetry.js A wrapper around certain low-level operations that can be substituted for testing. 7497
utils.js Set manipulation methods. These should be lifted into toolkit, or added to `Set` itself. 19073