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* secdig.h - public prototypes for digest-info functions
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef _SECDIG_H_
#define _SECDIG_H_
#include "utilrename.h"
#include "secdigt.h"
#include "seccomon.h"
#include "secasn1t.h"
#include "secdert.h"
extern const SEC_ASN1Template sgn_DigestInfoTemplate[];
** Digest-info functions
** Create a new digest-info object
** "algorithm" one of SEC_OID_MD2, SEC_OID_MD5, or SEC_OID_SHA1
** "sig" the raw signature data (from MD2 or MD5)
** "sigLen" the length of the signature data
** NOTE: this is a low level routine used to prepare some data for PKCS#1
** digital signature formatting.
** XXX It might be nice to combine the create and encode functions.
** I think that is all anybody ever wants to do anyway.
extern SGNDigestInfo *SGN_CreateDigestInfo(SECOidTag algorithm,
const unsigned char *sig,
unsigned int sigLen);
** Destroy a digest-info object
extern void SGN_DestroyDigestInfo(SGNDigestInfo *info);
** Encode a digest-info object
** "poolp" is where to allocate the result from; it can be NULL in
** which case generic heap allocation (XP_ALLOC) will be used
** "dest" is where to store the result; it can be NULL, in which case
** it will be allocated (from poolp or heap, as explained above)
** "diginfo" is the object to be encoded
** The return value is NULL if any error occurred, otherwise it is the
** resulting SECItem (either allocated or the same as the "dest" parameter).
** XXX It might be nice to combine the create and encode functions.
** I think that is all anybody ever wants to do anyway.
extern SECItem *SGN_EncodeDigestInfo(PLArenaPool *poolp, SECItem *dest,
SGNDigestInfo *diginfo);
** Decode a DER encoded digest info objct.
** didata is thr source of the encoded digest.
** The return value is NULL if an error occurs. Otherwise, a
** digest info object which is allocated within it's own
** pool is returned. The digest info should be deleted
** by later calling SGN_DestroyDigestInfo.
extern SGNDigestInfo *SGN_DecodeDigestInfo(SECItem *didata);
** Copy digest info.
** poolp is the arena to which the digest will be copied.
** a is the destination digest, it must be non-NULL.
** b is the source digest
** This function is for copying digests. It allows digests
** to be copied into a specified pool. If the digest is in
** the same pool as other data, you do not want to delete
** the digest by calling SGN_DestroyDigestInfo.
** A return value of SECFailure indicates an error. A return
** of SECSuccess indicates no error occurred.
extern SECStatus SGN_CopyDigestInfo(PLArenaPool *poolp,
SGNDigestInfo *a,
SGNDigestInfo *b);
** Compare two digest-info objects, returning the difference between
** them.
extern SECComparison SGN_CompareDigestInfo(SGNDigestInfo *a, SGNDigestInfo *b);
#endif /* _SECDIG_H_ */