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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef _SECDERT_H_
#define _SECDERT_H_
* secdert.h - public data structures for the DER encoding and
* decoding utilities library
#include "utilrename.h"
#include "seccomon.h"
typedef struct DERTemplateStr DERTemplate;
** An array of these structures defines an encoding for an object using DER.
** The array usually starts with a dummy entry whose kind is DER_SEQUENCE;
** such an array is terminated with an entry where kind == 0. (An array
** which consists of a single component does not require a second dummy
** entry -- the array is only searched as long as previous component(s)
** instruct it.)
struct DERTemplateStr {
** Kind of item being decoded/encoded, including tags and modifiers.
unsigned long kind;
** Offset from base of structure to field that holds the value
** being decoded/encoded.
unsigned int offset;
** When kind suggests it (DER_POINTER, DER_INDEFINITE, DER_INLINE),
** this points to a sub-template for nested encoding/decoding.
DERTemplate *sub;
** Argument value, dependent on "kind" and/or template placement
** within an array of templates:
** - In the first element of a template array, the value is the
** size of the structure to allocate when this template is being
** referenced by another template via DER_POINTER or DER_INDEFINITE.
** - In a component of a DER_SET or DER_SEQUENCE which is *not* a
** DER_UNIVERSAL type (that is, it has a class tag for either
** value is the underlying type of item being decoded/encoded.
unsigned long arg;
/* default chunksize for arenas used for DER stuff */
** BER/DER values for ASN.1 identifier octets.
#define DER_TAG_MASK 0xff
* BER/DER universal type tag numbers.
* The values are defined by the X.208 standard; do not change them!
* NOTE: if you add anything to this list, you must add code to derdec.c
* to accept the tag, and probably also to derenc.c to encode it.
#define DER_TAGNUM_MASK 0x1f
#define DER_BOOLEAN 0x01
#define DER_INTEGER 0x02
#define DER_BIT_STRING 0x03
#define DER_OCTET_STRING 0x04
#define DER_NULL 0x05
#define DER_OBJECT_ID 0x06
#define DER_SEQUENCE 0x10
#define DER_SET 0x11
#define DER_T61_STRING 0x14
#define DER_IA5_STRING 0x16
#define DER_UTC_TIME 0x17
#define DER_HIGH_TAG_NUMBER 0x1f
** Modifiers to type tags. These are also specified by a/the
** standard, and must not be changed.
#define DER_METHOD_MASK 0x20
#define DER_PRIMITIVE 0x00
#define DER_CONSTRUCTED 0x20
#define DER_CLASS_MASK 0xc0
#define DER_UNIVERSAL 0x00
#define DER_APPLICATION 0x40
#define DER_PRIVATE 0xc0
** Our additions, used for templates.
** These are not defined by any standard; the values are used internally only.
** Just be careful to keep them out of the low 8 bits.
#define DER_OPTIONAL 0x00100
#define DER_EXPLICIT 0x00200
#define DER_ANY 0x00400
#define DER_INLINE 0x00800
#define DER_POINTER 0x01000
#define DER_INDEFINITE 0x02000
#define DER_DERPTR 0x04000
#define DER_SKIP 0x08000
#define DER_FORCE 0x10000
#define DER_OUTER 0x40000 /* for DER_DERPTR */
** Macro to convert der decoded bit string into a decoded octet
** string. All it needs to do is fiddle with the length code.
#define DER_ConvertBitString(item) \
{ \
(item)->len = ((item)->len + 7) >> 3; \
#endif /* _SECDERT_H_ */