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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
* shexp.h: Defines and prototypes for shell exp. match routines
* This routine will match a string with a shell expression. The expressions
* accepted are based loosely on the expressions accepted by zsh.
* o * matches anything
* o ? matches one character
* o \ will escape a special character
* o $ matches the end of the string
* Bracketed expressions:
* o [abc] matches one occurence of a, b, or c.
* o [^abc] matches any character except a, b, or c.
* To be matched between [ and ], these characters must be escaped: \ ]
* No other characters need be escaped between brackets.
* Unnecessary escaping is permitted.
* o [a-z] matches any character between a and z, inclusive.
* The two range-definition characters must be alphanumeric ASCII.
* If one is upper case and the other is lower case, then the ASCII
* non-alphanumeric characters between Z and a will also be in range.
* o [^a-z] matches any character except those between a and z, inclusive.
* These forms cannot be combined, e.g [a-gp-z] does not work.
* o Exclusions:
* As a top level, outter-most expression only, the expression
* foo~bar will match the expression foo, provided it does not also
* match the expression bar. Either expression or both may be a union.
* Except between brackets, any unescaped ~ is an exclusion.
* At most one exclusion is permitted.
* Exclusions cannot be nested (contain other exclusions).
* example: *~abc will match any string except abc
* o Unions:
* (foo|bar) will match either the expression foo, or the expression bar.
* At least one '|' separator is required. More are permitted.
* Expressions inside unions may not include unions or exclusions.
* Inside a union, to be matched and not treated as a special character,
* these characters must be escaped: \ ( | ) [ ~ except when they occur
* inside a bracketed expression, where only \ and ] require escaping.
* The public interface to these routines is documented below.
#ifndef SHEXP_H
#define SHEXP_H
#include "utilrename.h"
* Requires that the macro MALLOC be set to a "safe" malloc that will
* exit if no memory is available.
/* --------------------------- Public routines ---------------------------- */
* shexp_valid takes a shell expression exp as input. It returns:
* NON_SXP if exp is a standard string
* INVALID_SXP if exp is a shell expression, but invalid
* VALID_SXP if exp is a valid shell expression
#define NON_SXP -1
#define INVALID_SXP -2
#define VALID_SXP 1
extern int PORT_RegExpValid(const char *exp);
extern int PORT_RegExpSearch(const char *str, const char *exp);
/* same as above but uses case insensitive search */
extern int PORT_RegExpCaseSearch(const char *str, const char *exp);