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/* -*- Mode: C; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
* This file is PRIVATE to SSL.
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef __tls13con_h_
#define __tls13con_h_
#include "sslexp.h"
#include "sslspec.h"
typedef enum {
} tls13ExtensionStatus;
#define TLS13_COOKIE_SENTINEL 0xff
SECStatus tls13_UnprotectRecord(
sslSocket *ss, ssl3CipherSpec *spec,
SSL3Ciphertext *cText, sslBuffer *plaintext,
SSLContentType *innerType,
SSL3AlertDescription *alert);
#if defined(WIN32)
#define __func__ __FUNCTION__
void tls13_SetHsState(sslSocket *ss, SSL3WaitState ws,
const char *func, const char *file, int line);
#define TLS13_SET_HS_STATE(ss, ws) \
tls13_SetHsState(ss, ws, __func__, __FILE__, __LINE__)
/* Return PR_TRUE if the socket is in one of the given states, else return
* PR_FALSE. Only call the macro not the function, because the trailing
* wait_invalid is needed to terminate the argument list. */
PRBool tls13_InHsState(sslSocket *ss, ...);
#define TLS13_IN_HS_STATE(ss, ...) \
tls13_InHsState(ss, __VA_ARGS__, wait_invalid)
PRBool tls13_IsPostHandshake(const sslSocket *ss);
SSLHashType tls13_GetHash(const sslSocket *ss);
SECStatus tls13_GetHashAndCipher(PRUint16 version, PRUint16 cipherSuite,
SSLHashType *hash, const ssl3BulkCipherDef **cipher);
SSLHashType tls13_GetHashForCipherSuite(ssl3CipherSuite suite);
unsigned int tls13_GetHashSize(const sslSocket *ss);
unsigned int tls13_GetHashSizeForHash(SSLHashType hash);
SECStatus tls13_ComputeHash(sslSocket *ss, SSL3Hashes *hashes,
const PRUint8 *buf, unsigned int len,
SSLHashType hash);
SECStatus tls13_ComputeHandshakeHashes(sslSocket *ss,
SSL3Hashes *hashes);
SECStatus tls13_DeriveSecretNullHash(sslSocket *ss, PK11SymKey *key,
const char *label,
unsigned int labelLen,
PK11SymKey **dest,
SSLHashType hash);
void tls13_FatalError(sslSocket *ss, PRErrorCode prError,
SSL3AlertDescription desc);
SECStatus tls13_SetupClientHello(sslSocket *ss, sslClientHelloType chType);
SECStatus tls13_MaybeDo0RTTHandshake(sslSocket *ss);
PRInt32 tls13_LimitEarlyData(sslSocket *ss, SSLContentType type, PRInt32 toSend);
PRBool tls13_AllowPskCipher(const sslSocket *ss,
const ssl3CipherSuiteDef *cipher_def);
PRBool tls13_PskSuiteEnabled(sslSocket *ss);
SECStatus tls13_WriteExtensionsWithBinder(sslSocket *ss, sslBuffer *extensions,
sslBuffer *chBuf);
SECStatus tls13_HandleClientHelloPart2(sslSocket *ss,
const SECItem *suites,
sslSessionID *sid,
const PRUint8 *msg,
unsigned int len);
SECStatus tls13_HandleServerHelloPart2(sslSocket *ss, const PRUint8 *savedMsg, PRUint32 savedLength);
SECStatus tls13_HandlePostHelloHandshakeMessage(sslSocket *ss, PRUint8 *b,
PRUint32 length);
SECStatus tls13_ConstructHelloRetryRequest(sslSocket *ss,
ssl3CipherSuite cipherSuite,
const sslNamedGroupDef *selectedGroup,
PRUint8 *cookie,
unsigned int cookieLen,
const PRUint8 *cookieGreaseEchSignal,
sslBuffer *buffer);
SECStatus tls13_HandleHelloRetryRequest(sslSocket *ss, const PRUint8 *b,
PRUint32 length);
SECStatus tls13_HandleKeyShare(sslSocket *ss,
TLS13KeyShareEntry *entry,
sslKeyPair *keyPair,
SSLHashType hash,
PK11SymKey **out);
TLS13KeyShareEntry *tls13_CopyKeyShareEntry(TLS13KeyShareEntry *o);
void tls13_DestroyKeyShareEntry(TLS13KeyShareEntry *entry);
void tls13_DestroyKeyShares(PRCList *list);
SECStatus tls13_CreateKeyShare(sslSocket *ss, const sslNamedGroupDef *groupDef,
sslEphemeralKeyPair **keyPair);
SECStatus tls13_AddKeyShare(sslSocket *ss, const sslNamedGroupDef *groupDef);
void tls13_DestroyEarlyData(PRCList *list);
SECStatus tls13_SetAlertCipherSpec(sslSocket *ss);
tls13ExtensionStatus tls13_ExtensionStatus(PRUint16 extension,
SSLHandshakeType message);
SECStatus tls13_ProtectRecord(sslSocket *ss,
ssl3CipherSpec *cwSpec,
SSLContentType type,
const PRUint8 *pIn,
PRUint32 contentLen,
sslBuffer *wrBuf);
PRInt32 tls13_Read0RttData(sslSocket *ss, PRUint8 *buf, PRInt32 len);
SECStatus tls13_HandleEarlyApplicationData(sslSocket *ss, sslBuffer *origBuf);
PRBool tls13_ClientAllow0Rtt(const sslSocket *ss, const sslSessionID *sid);
PRUint16 tls13_EncodeVersion(SSL3ProtocolVersion version,
SSLProtocolVariant variant);
SECStatus tls13_ClientReadSupportedVersion(sslSocket *ss);
SECStatus tls13_NegotiateVersion(sslSocket *ss,
const TLSExtension *supported_versions);
PRBool tls13_ShouldRequestClientAuth(sslSocket *ss);
PRBool tls13_IsReplay(const sslSocket *ss, const sslSessionID *sid);
void tls13_AntiReplayRollover(SSLAntiReplayContext *ctx, PRTime now);
SSLAntiReplayContext *tls13_RefAntiReplayContext(SSLAntiReplayContext *ctx);
void tls13_ReleaseAntiReplayContext(SSLAntiReplayContext *ctx);
SECStatus SSLExp_CreateAntiReplayContext(
PRTime now, PRTime window, unsigned int k, unsigned int bits,
SSLAntiReplayContext **ctx);
SECStatus SSLExp_SetAntiReplayContext(PRFileDesc *fd,
SSLAntiReplayContext *ctx);
SECStatus SSLExp_ReleaseAntiReplayContext(SSLAntiReplayContext *ctx);
SECStatus SSLExp_HelloRetryRequestCallback(PRFileDesc *fd,
SSLHelloRetryRequestCallback cb,
void *arg);
SECStatus tls13_SendKeyUpdate(sslSocket *ss, tls13KeyUpdateRequest request,
PRBool buffer);
SECStatus SSLExp_KeyUpdate(PRFileDesc *fd, PRBool requestUpdate);
PRBool tls13_MaybeTls13(sslSocket *ss);
unsigned int tls13_SetupAeadIv(PRBool isDTLS, unsigned char *ivOut,
unsigned char *ivIn, unsigned int offset,
unsigned int ivLen, DTLSEpoch epoch);
SECStatus tls13_AEAD(PK11Context *context, PRBool decrypt,
CK_GENERATOR_FUNCTION ivGen, unsigned int fixedbits,
const unsigned char *ivIn, unsigned char *ivOut,
unsigned int ivLen,
const unsigned char *nonceIn, unsigned int nonceLen,
const unsigned char *aad, unsigned int aadLen,
unsigned char *out, unsigned int *outLen,
unsigned int maxout, unsigned int tagLen,
const unsigned char *in, unsigned int inLen);
void tls13_SetSpecRecordVersion(sslSocket *ss, ssl3CipherSpec *spec);
SECStatus SSLExp_SendCertificateRequest(PRFileDesc *fd);
/* Use this instead of FATAL_ERROR when no alert shall be sent. */
#define LOG_ERROR(ss, prError) \
do { \
SSL_TRC(3, ("%d: TLS13[%d]: fatal error %d in %s (%s:%d)", \
SSL_GETPID(), ss->fd, prError, __func__, __FILE__, __LINE__)); \
PORT_SetError(prError); \
} while (0)
/* Log an error and generate an alert because something is irreparably wrong. */
#define FATAL_ERROR(ss, prError, desc) \
do { \
LOG_ERROR(ss, prError); \
tls13_FatalError(ss, prError, desc); \
} while (0)
#endif /* __tls13con_h_ */