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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
SSL's Buffers: enumerated and explained.
gs = ss->gather
hs = ss->ssl3->hs
gs->inbuf incoming (encrypted) ssl records are placed here,
and then decrypted (or copied) to gs->buf.
gs->buf ssl3_HandleHandshake puts decrypted ssl records here.
hs.msg_body When an incoming handshake message spans more
than one ssl record, the first part(s) of it are accumulated
here until it all arrives.
hs.msgState an alternative set of pointers/lengths for gs->buf.
Used only when a handleHandshake function returns SECWouldBlock.
ssl3_HandleHandshake remembers how far it previously got by
using these pointers instead of gs->buf when it is called
after a previous SECWouldBlock return.
sec = ss->sec
ci = ss->sec->ci /* connect info */
ci->sendBuf Outgoing handshake messages are appended to this buffer.
This buffer will then be sent as a single SSL record.
sec->writeBuf outgoing ssl records are constructed here and encrypted in
place before being written or copied to pendingBuf.
ss->pendingBuf contains outgoing ciphertext that was saved after a write
attempt to the socket failed, e.g. EWouldBlock.
Generally empty with blocking sockets (should be no incomplete
ss->saveBuf Used only by socks code. Intended to be used to buffer
outgoing data until a socks handshake completes. However,
this buffer is always empty. There is no code to put
anything into it.
SECWouldBlock means that the function cannot make progress because it is
waiting for some event OTHER THAN socket I/O completion (e.g. waiting for
user dialog to finish). It is not the same as EWOULDBLOCK.
Rank (order) of locks
recvLock ->\ firstHandshake -> recvbuf -> ssl3Handshake -> xmitbuf -> "spec"
sendLock ->/
crypto and hash Data that must be protected while turning plaintext into
SSl3: (in ssl3_SendPlainText)
ss->ssl3 (the pointer)
ss->ssl3->current_write* (the pointer and the data in the spec
and any data referenced by the spec.
ss->sec->writebuf* (ptr & content) locked by xmitBufLock
"buf" locked by xmitBufLock
crypto and hash data that must be protected while turning ciphertext into
SSL3: (in ssl3_HandleRecord )
ssl3->current_read* (the pointer and all data refernced)
Data that must be protected while being used by a "writer":
ss->saveBuf.* (which is dead)
in ssl3_sendPlainText
ss->ssl3->current_write-> (spec)
in SendBlock
Data variables (not const) protected by the "sslGlobalDataLock".
Note, this really should be a reader/writer lock.
cipherSuites[] ssl3con.c