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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef _SECPKCS5_H_
#define _SECPKCS5_H_
#include "seccomon.h"
#include "secmodt.h"
/* used for V2 PKCS 12 Draft Spec */
typedef enum {
pbeBitGenIDNull = 0,
pbeBitGenCipherKey = 0x01,
pbeBitGenCipherIV = 0x02,
pbeBitGenIntegrityKey = 0x03
} PBEBitGenID;
typedef struct PBEBitGenContextStr PBEBitGenContext;
/* private */
SECAlgorithmID *
sec_pkcs5CreateAlgorithmID(SECOidTag algorithm, SECOidTag cipherAlgorithm,
SECOidTag prfAlg, SECOidTag *pPbeAlgorithm,
int keyLengh, SECItem *salt, int iteration);
/* Get the initialization vector. The password is passed in, hashing
* is performed, and the initialization vector is returned.
* algid is a pointer to a PBE algorithm ID
* pwitem is the password
* If an error occurs or the algorithm id is not a PBE algrithm,
* NULL is returned. Otherwise, the iv is returned in a secitem.
SECItem *
SEC_PKCS5GetIV(SECAlgorithmID *algid, SECItem *pwitem, PRBool faulty3DES);
SECOidTag SEC_PKCS5GetCryptoAlgorithm(SECAlgorithmID *algid);
SECOidTag SEC_PKCS5GetHashAlgorithm(SECAlgorithmID *algid);
/* the next 2 maps a PKCS #12 PBE or PKCS #5v1 PBE oid to it's encryption algorithm
* and hash algorithms.
* All other values map to SEC_OID_UNKNOWN. In most cases you want
* to use SEC_PKCS5GetCryptoAlgorithm() with a full SECAlgorithmID which
* can handle PKCS #5v2 */
SECOidTag SEC_PKCS5GetCryptoFromAlgTag(SECOidTag algTag);
SECOidTag SEC_PKCS5GetHashFromAlgTag(SECOidTag algTag);
PRBool SEC_PKCS5IsAlgorithmPBEAlg(SECAlgorithmID *algid);
PRBool SEC_PKCS5IsAlgorithmPBEAlgTag(SECOidTag algTag);
SECOidTag SEC_PKCS5GetPBEAlgorithm(SECOidTag algTag, int keyLen);
int SEC_PKCS5GetKeyLength(SECAlgorithmID *algid);
* Deprecated PBE functions. Use the PBE functions in pk11func.h
* instead.
PBEBitGenContext *
PBE_CreateContext(SECOidTag hashAlgorithm, PBEBitGenID bitGenPurpose,
SECItem *pwitem, SECItem *salt, unsigned int bitsNeeded,
unsigned int iterations);
PBE_DestroyContext(PBEBitGenContext *context);
SECItem *
PBE_GenerateBits(PBEBitGenContext *context);
#endif /* _SECPKS5_H_ */