Name Description Size
cryptohi.gyp 599
cryptohi.h / /* * DER encode/decode (EC)DSA signatures 18297
cryptoht.h _CRYPTOHT_H_ 426
dsautil.c bytes 7842
exports.gyp 842
key.h _KEY_H_ 425
keyhi.h #include "secpkcs5.h" 8602
keyi.h NSS private functions 1959
keyt.h _KEYT_H_ 431
keythi.h RFC 4055 Section 1.2 specifies three different RSA key types. * * rsaKey maps to keys with SEC_OID_PKCS1_RSA_ENCRYPTION and can be used for * both encryption and signatures with old (PKCS #1 v1.5) and new (PKCS #1 * v2.1) padding schemes. * * rsaPssKey maps to keys with SEC_OID_PKCS1_RSA_PSS_SIGNATURE and may only * be used for signatures with PSS padding (PKCS #1 v2.1). * * rsaOaepKey maps to keys with SEC_OID_PKCS1_RSA_OAEP_ENCRYPTION and may only * be used for encryption with OAEP padding (PKCS #1 v2.1). 7300
Makefile 1840 655
sechash.c for the PK11_ calls below. 15413
sechash.h Generic hash api. 1787
seckey.c Parameters for SEC_OID_PKCS1_RSA_PSS_SIGNATURE 76659
secsign.c OK, map a PKCS #7 hash and encrypt algorithm into a standard hashing algorithm. Why did we pass in the whole PKCS #7 algTag if we were just going to change here you might ask. Well the answer is for some cards we may have to do the hashing on card. It may not support CKM_RSA_PKCS sign algorithm, it may just support CKM_SHA1_RSA_PKCS and/or CKM_MD5_RSA_PKCS. 27260
secvfy.c Recover the DigestInfo from an RSA PKCS#1 signature. * * If givenDigestAlg != SEC_OID_UNKNOWN, copy givenDigestAlg to digestAlgOut. * Otherwise, parse the DigestInfo structure and store the decoded digest * algorithm into digestAlgOut. * * Store the encoded DigestInfo into digestInfo. * Store the DigestInfo length into digestInfoLen. * * This function does *not* verify that the AlgorithmIdentifier in the * DigestInfo identifies givenDigestAlg or that the DigestInfo is encoded * correctly; verifyPKCS1DigestInfo does that. * * XXX this is assuming that the signature algorithm has WITH_RSA_ENCRYPTION 32321