Name Description Size
ck.api 22203
ck.h ck.h This header file consolidates all header files needed by the source files implementing the NSS Cryptoki Framework. This makes managing the source files a bit easier. 1539
ckapi.perl 8797
ckfw.gyp 732
ckfw.h ckfw.h This file prototypes the private calls of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 39315
ckfwm.h ckfwm.h This file prototypes the module-private calls of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 1724
ckfwtm.h ckfwtm.h This file declares the module-private types of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 591
ckmd.h ckmd.h 626
ckt.h get back to just one set of PKCS #11 headers. Use the onese that are easiest to maintain from the RSA website 403
crypto.c crypto.c This file implements the NSSCKFWCryptoOperation type and methods. 8054
exports.gyp 1006
find.c find.c This file implements the nssCKFWFindObjects type and methods. 11160
hash.c hash.c This is merely a couple wrappers around NSPR's PLHashTable, using the identity hash and arena-aware allocators. The reason I did this is that hash tables are used in a few places throughout the NSS Cryptoki Framework in a fairly stereotyped way, and this allows me to pull the commonalities into one place. Should we ever want to change the implementation, it's all right here. 5362
instance.c instance.c This file implements the NSSCKFWInstance type and methods. 31084
Makefile 351 888
mechanism.c mechanism.c This file implements the NSSCKFWMechanism type and methods. 29802
mutex.c mutex.c This file implements a mutual-exclusion locking facility for Modules using the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 4567
nssck.api 42205
nssckfw.h nssckfw.h This file prototypes the publicly available calls of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 7235
nssckfwc.h nssckfwc.h This file prototypes all of the NSS Cryptoki Framework "wrapper" which implement the PKCS#11 API. Technically, these are public routines (with capital "NSS" prefixes), since they are called from (generated) code within a Module using the Framework. However, they should not be called except from those generated calls. Hence, the prototypes have been split out into this file. 17113
nssckfwt.h nssckfwt.h This file declares the public types used by the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 2034
nssckmdt.h nssckmdt.h This file specifies the basic types that must be implemented by any Module using the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 64748
nssckt.h _NSSCKT_H_ 366
object.c object.c This file implements the NSSCKFWObject type and methods. 24107
session.c session.c This file implements the NSSCKFWSession type and methods. 62399
sessobj.c sessobj.c This file contains an NSSCKMDObject implementation for session objects. The framework uses this implementation to manage session objects when a Module doesn't wish to be bothered. 23738
slot.c slot.c This file implements the NSSCKFWSlot type and methods. 15308
token.c token.c This file implements the NSSCKFWToken type and methods. 42635
wrap.c wrap.c This file contains the routines that actually implement the cryptoki API, using the internal APIs of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. There is one routine here for every cryptoki routine. For linking reasons the actual entry points passed back with C_GetFunctionList have to exist in one of the Module's source files; however, those are merely simple wrappers that call these routines. The intelligence of the implementations is here. 140599