Name Description Size
certhigh.c first deal with the straight comparison 33086
certhigh.gyp 685
certhtml.c certhtml.c --- convert a cert to html 9177
certreq.c Default is a plain version 1. If extensions are added, it will get changed as appropriate. 10042
certvfy.c NSS_DISABLE_LIBPKIX 76090
certvfypkix.c nss_pkix_proxy.h PKIX - NSS proxy functions NOTE: All structures, functions, data types are parts of library private api and are subjects to change in any following releases. 72062
crlv2.c Code for dealing with x.509 v3 crl and crl entries extensions. 4130
exports.gyp 743
Makefile 1839 628
ocsp.c Implementation of OCSP services, for both client and server. (XXX, really, mostly just for client right now, but intended to do both.) 202915
ocsp.h Interface to the OCSP implementation. 28871
ocspi.h ocspi.h - NSS internal interfaces to OCSP code 5990
ocspsig.c 19828
ocspt.h Public header for exported OCSP types. 12511
ocspti.h Private header defining OCSP types. 14206
xcrldist.c Code for dealing with x.509 v3 CRL Distribution Point extension. 7572