Name Description Size
Makefile 1839
alg1485.c max bytes in UTF8 encoded string value 50279
cert.h cert.h - public data structures and prototypes for the certificate library 60808
certdb.c Certificate handling code 95766
certdb.gyp 747
certdb.h common flags for all types of certificates 3202
certi.h certi.h - private data structures for the certificate library 15574
certt.h certt.h - public data structures for the certificate library 48444
certv3.c Code for dealing with X509.V3 extensions. 5720
certxutl.c Certificate Extensions handling code 12565
certxutl.h x.509 v3 certificate extension helper routines 1462
crl.c Moved from secpkcs7.c 96794
exports.gyp 816
genname.c 65544
genname.h / SEC_BEGIN_PROTOS extern const SEC_ASN1Template CERT_GeneralNamesTemplate[]; extern SECItem **cert_EncodeGeneralNames(PLArenaPool *arena, CERTGeneralName *names); extern CERTGeneralName *cert_DecodeGeneralNames(PLArenaPool *arena, SECItem **encodedGenName); extern SECStatus cert_DestroyGeneralNames(CERTGeneralName *name); extern SECStatus cert_EncodeNameConstraints(CERTNameConstraints *constraints, PLArenaPool *arena, SECItem *dest); extern CERTNameConstraints *cert_DecodeNameConstraints( PLArenaPool *arena, const SECItem *encodedConstraints); extern CERTGeneralName *cert_CombineNamesLists(CERTGeneralName *list1, CERTGeneralName *list2); extern CERTNameConstraint *cert_CombineConstraintsLists( CERTNameConstraint *list1, CERTNameConstraint *list2); /******************************************************************** 3538 702
polcyxtn.c Support for various policy related extensions 21846
secname.c XXX remove this when remove the DERTemplates 18953
stanpcertdb.c Call to PK11_FreeSlot below 37388
xauthkid.c X.509 v3 Subject Key Usage Extension 4017
xbsconst.c X.509 v3 Basic Constraints Extension 4732
xconst.c X.509 Extension Encoding 7671
xconst.h 1213