Name Description Size
arena.c arena.c This contains the implementation of NSS's thread-safe arenas. 31222
base.gyp 684
base.h base.h This header file contains basic prototypes and preprocessor definitions used throughout nss but not available publicly. 30796
baset.h baset.h This file contains definitions for the basic types used throughout nss but not available publicly. 3843
error.c error.c This file contains the code implementing the per-thread error stacks upon which most NSS routines report their errors. 7714
errorval.c errorval.c This file contains the actual error constants used in NSS. 2831
exports.gyp 743
hash.c hash.c This is merely a couple wrappers around NSPR's PLHashTable, using the identity hash and arena-aware allocators. This is a copy of ckfw/hash.c, with modifications to use NSS types (not Cryptoki types). Would like for this to be a single implementation, but doesn't seem like it will work. 6197
hashops.c hashops.c This file includes a set of PLHashAllocOps that use NSSArenas. 1487
item.c item.c This contains some item-manipulation code. 3903
libc.c libc.c This file contains our wrappers/reimplementations for "standard" libc functions. Things like "memcpy." We add to this as we need it. Oh, and let's keep it in alphabetical order, should it ever get large. Most string/character stuff should be in utf8.c, not here. This file (and maybe utf8.c) should be the only ones in NSS to include files with angle brackets. 3017
list.c list.c This contains the implementation of NSS's thread-safe linked list. 9770
Makefile 351 678
nssbase.h nssbase.h This header file contains the prototypes of the basic public NSS routines. 6672
nssbaset.h nssbaset.h This file contains the most low-level, fundamental public types. 2670
tracker.c tracker.c This file contains the code used by the pointer-tracking calls used in the debug builds to catch bad pointers. The entire contents are only available in debug builds (both internal and external builds). 10278
utf8.c utf8.c This file contains some additional utility routines required for handling UTF8 strings. 18892