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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
/* Generic header files */
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
/* NSPR header files */
#include "nspr.h"
#include "prerror.h"
#include "prnetdb.h"
/* NSS header files */
#include "pk11func.h"
#include "secitem.h"
#include "ssl.h"
#include "certt.h"
#include "nss.h"
#include "secder.h"
#include "keyhi.h"
#include "sslproto.h"
/* Custom header files */
#include "sslerror.h"
#define BUFFER_SIZE 10240
/* Declare SSL cipher suites. */
extern int cipherSuites[];
extern int ssl3CipherSuites[];
/* Data buffer read from a socket. */
typedef struct DataBufferStr {
char data[BUFFER_SIZE];
int index;
int remaining;
int dataStart;
int dataEnd;
} DataBuffer;
/* SSL callback routines. */
char *myPasswd(PK11SlotInfo *info, PRBool retry, void *arg);
SECStatus myAuthCertificate(void *arg, PRFileDesc *socket,
PRBool checksig, PRBool isServer);
SECStatus myBadCertHandler(void *arg, PRFileDesc *socket);
void myHandshakeCallback(PRFileDesc *socket, void *arg);
SECStatus myGetClientAuthData(void *arg, PRFileDesc *socket,
struct CERTDistNamesStr *caNames,
struct CERTCertificateStr **pRetCert,
struct SECKEYPrivateKeyStr **pRetKey);
/* Disable all v2/v3 SSL ciphers. */
void disableAllSSLCiphers(void);
/* Error and information utilities. */
void errWarn(char *function);
void exitErr(char *function);
void printSecurityInfo(FILE *outfile, PRFileDesc *fd);
/* Some simple thread management routines. */
#define MAX_THREADS 32
typedef SECStatus startFn(void *a, int b);
typedef enum { rs_idle = 0,
rs_running = 1,
rs_zombie = 2 } runState;
typedef struct perThreadStr {
PRFileDesc *a;
int b;
int rv;
startFn *startFunc;
PRThread *prThread;
PRBool inUse;
runState running;
} perThread;
typedef struct GlobalThreadMgrStr {
PRLock *threadLock;
PRCondVar *threadStartQ;
PRCondVar *threadEndQ;
perThread threads[MAX_THREADS];
int index;
int numUsed;
int numRunning;
} GlobalThreadMgr;
void thread_wrapper(void *arg);
SECStatus launch_thread(GlobalThreadMgr *threadMGR,
startFn *startFunc, void *a, int b);
SECStatus reap_threads(GlobalThreadMgr *threadMGR);
void destroy_thread_data(GlobalThreadMgr *threadMGR);
/* Management of locked variables. */
struct lockedVarsStr {
PRLock *lock;
int count;
int waiters;
PRCondVar *condVar;
typedef struct lockedVarsStr lockedVars;
void lockedVars_Init(lockedVars *lv);
void lockedVars_Destroy(lockedVars *lv);
void lockedVars_WaitForDone(lockedVars *lv);
int lockedVars_AddToCount(lockedVars *lv, int addend);