Name Description Size
certgen.c G e n e r a t e C e r t Runs the whole process of creating a new cert, getting info from the user, etc. 20803
javascript.c I n l i n e J a v a S c r i p t Javascript signing. Instead of passing an archive to signtool, a directory containing html files is given. Archives are created from the archive= and src= tag attributes inside the html, as appropriate. Then the archives are signed. 58006
list.c L i s t C e r t s 6361
Makefile 1921 486
README Signing Tool (signtool) 5472
sign.c for HASH_GetHashObject() 23065
signtool.c SIGNTOOL A command line tool to create manifest files from a directory hierarchy. It is assumed that the tree will be equivalent to what resides or will reside in an archive. 32403
signtool.gyp 769
signtool.h General Defines 3869
util.c Nasty hackish function definitions 30171
verify.c V e r i f y J a r 9976
zip.c J z i p O p e n Opens a new ZIP file and creates a new ZIPfile structure to control the process of installing files into a zip. 19819
zip.h zip.h Structures and functions for creating ZIP archives. 2923