Name Description Size
basicutil.c secutil.c - various functions used by security stuff * 23281
basicutil.h print out an error message 3897
berparse.c length from global start to item start 11444
derprint.c args 13791
exports.gyp 611
ffs.c 407
lib.gyp 798
Makefile 1864 781
moreoids.c for CKM_INVALID_MECHANISM 6215
pk11table.c 67796
pk11table.h Supported functions.. 3388
pppolicy.c Support for various policy related extensions 8087
secpwd.c NOTE: The contents of this file are NOT used by the client. (They are part of the security library as a whole, but they are NOT USED BY THE CLIENT.) Do not change things on behalf of the client (like localizing strings), or add things that are only for the client (put them elsewhere). 3601
secutil.c secutil.c - various functions used by security stuff * 143227
secutil.h Change a password on a token, or initialize a token with a password * if it does not already have one. * Use passwd to send the password in plaintext, pwFile to specify a * file containing the password, or NULL for both to prompt the user. 16959