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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef NSSErrorsService_h
#define NSSErrorsService_h
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsILineInputStream.h"
#include "nsINSSErrorsService.h"
#include "nsISafeOutputStream.h"
#include "nsIStringBundle.h"
#include "prerror.h"
class nsIStringBundle;
namespace mozilla {
namespace psm {
class NSSErrorsService final : public nsINSSErrorsService {
nsresult Init();
// For XPCOM implementations that are not a base class for some other
// class, it is good practice to make the destructor non-virtual and
// private. Then the only way to delete the object is via Release.
#ifdef _MSC_VER
// C4265: Class has virtual members but destructor is not virtual
__pragma(warning(disable : 4265))
nsCOMPtr<nsIStringBundle> mPIPNSSBundle;
nsCOMPtr<nsIStringBundle> mNSSErrorsBundle;
bool IsNSSErrorCode(PRErrorCode code);
nsresult GetXPCOMFromNSSError(PRErrorCode code);
bool ErrorIsOverridable(PRErrorCode code);
} // namespace psm
} // namespace mozilla
{ \
0x9ef18451, 0xa157, 0x4d17, { \
0x81, 0x32, 0x47, 0xaf, 0xef, 0x21, 0x36, 0x89 \
} \
#endif // NSSErrorsService_h