Name Description Size 0 2129 Creates list of bugs and backout bugs for release-drivers email :param release: dict -> containing information about release, from Ship-It :return: str -> description of compared releases, with Bugzilla links containing all bugs in changeset 8748 912 732 The release subcommands all relate to the release process. 4255 Insert data into a prepared certificate in a signed PE file. Returns False if the file isn't a valid PE file, or if the necessary certificate was not found. This function assumes that somewhere in the given file's certificate table there exists a 1024-byte space which begins with the tag "__MOZCUSTOM__:". The given data will be inserted into the file following this tag. We don't bother updating the optional header checksum. Windows doesn't check it for executables, only drivers and certain DLL's. 6908 Unlike FancyURLopener this class raises exceptions for generic HTTP errors, like 404, 500. It reuses URLopener.http_error_default redefined in FancyURLopener 30406 2633 1605 3446 9132 Parse the first YAML document in a stream and produce the corresponding Python object. 795 A version class that is slightly less restrictive than StrictVersion. Instead of just allowing "a" or "b" as prerelease tags, it allows any alpha. This allows us to support the once-shipped "3.6.3plugin1" and similar versions. 4458