Name Description Size 0 Holds run-time state so it can easily be passed to command providers. 2289 Entry points should return a list of command providers or directories containing command providers. The following entry point is invalid: %s You are seeing this because there is an error in an external module attempting to implement a mach command. Please fix the error, or uninstall the module from your system. 21593
commands This file defines classes for representing config data/settings. Config data is modeled as key-value pairs. Keys are grouped together into named sections. Individual config settings (options) have metadata associated with them. This metadata includes type, default value, valid values, etc. The main interface to config data is the ConfigSettings class. 1 or more ConfigProvider classes are associated with ConfigSettings and define what settings are available. 12198 Container for mach command metadata. 10968 Custom formatter to format just a subcommand. 19188 Format number of seconds to MM:SS.DD form. 14395 You can invoke ``./mach busted`` to check if this issue is already on file. If it isn't, please use ``./mach busted file %s`` to report it. If ``./mach busted`` is misbehaving, you can also inspect the dependencies of bug 1543241. 21031
mixin Make minimal number of changes to the lockfile to satisfy new requirements 2652 It looks like you tried to run a mach command from an invalid context. The %s command failed to meet the following conditions: %s Run |mach help| to show a list of all commands available to the current context. 6548 Thunderbird requirements definitions cannot include PyPI packages. 6445 Report the exception to remote error-tracking software. 8537 Create a command alias of the form `<alias>=<command> <args>`. Aliases can also be used to set default arguments: <command>=<command> <args> 4441 Details about a Moz-managed python site When a Moz-managed site is active, its associated metadata is available at "MozSiteMetadata.current". Sites that have associated virtualenvs (so, those that aren't strictly leaning on the external python packages) will have their metadata written to <prefix>/moz_virtualenv_metadata.json. 55915 Creates and a Telemetry instance based on system details. If telemetry isn't enabled or Glean can't be imported, then a "mock" telemetry instance is returned that doesn't set or record any data. This allows consumers to optimistically set telemetry data without needing to specifically handle the case where the current system doesn't support it. 9532 Records and sends Telemetry using Glean. Metrics are defined in python/mozbuild/metrics.yaml. Pings are defined in python/mozbuild/pings.yaml. The "metrics" and "pings" properties may be replaced with no-op implementations if Glean isn't available. This allows consumers to report telemetry without having to guard against incompatible environments. Also tracks whether an employee was just automatically opted into telemetry during this mach invocation. 2681 This file contains code for interacting with terminals. All the terminal interaction code is consolidated so the complexity can be in one place, away from code that is commonly looked at. 2016
test Represents an error caused by something the user did wrong rather than an internal `mach` failure. Exceptions that are subclasses of this class will not be reported as failures to Sentry. 3993