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# Metrics
This document enumerates the metrics collected by this project using the [Glean SDK](
This project may depend on other projects which also collect metrics.
This means you might have to go searching through the dependency tree to get a full picture of everything collected by this project.
# Pings
- [usage](#usage)
## usage
Sent when the mach invocation is completed (regardless of result). Contains information about the mach invocation that was made, its result, and some details about the current environment and hardware.
**Data reviews for this ping:**
**Bugs related to this ping:**
The following metrics are added to the ping:
| Name | Type | Description | Data reviews | Extras | Expiration | [Data Sensitivity]( |
| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
| mach.argv |[string_list]( |Parameters provided to mach. Absolute paths are sanitized to be relative to one of a few key base paths, such as the "$topsrcdir", "$topobjdir", or "$HOME". For example: "/home/mozilla/dev/firefox/python/mozbuild" would be replaced with "$topsrcdir/python/mozbuild". If a valid replacement base path cannot be found, the path is replaced with "<path omitted>". |[1](||never | |
| mach.command |[string]( |The name of the mach command that was invoked, such as "build", "doc", or "try". |[1](||never | |
| mach.duration |[timespan]( |How long it took for the command to complete. |[1](||never | |
| mach.success |[boolean]( |True if the mach invocation succeeded. |[1](||never | |
| mach.system.cpu_brand |[string]( |CPU brand string from CPUID. |[1](||never | |
| mach.system.distro |[string]( |The name of the operating system distribution. |[1](||never | |
| mach.system.distro_version |[string]( |The high-level OS version. |[1](||never | |
| mach.system.logical_cores |[counter]( |Number of logical CPU cores present. |[1](||never | |
| mach.system.memory |[memory_distribution]( |Amount of system memory. |[1](||never | |
| mach.system.physical_cores |[counter]( |Number of physical CPU cores present. |[1](||never | |
| mozbuild.artifact |[boolean]( |True if `--enable-artifact-builds`. |[1](||never | |
| mozbuild.clobber |[boolean]( |True if the build was a clobber/full build. |[1](||never | |
| mozbuild.compiler |[string]( |The compiler type in use (CC_TYPE), such as "clang" or "gcc". |[1](||never | |
| mozbuild.sccache |[boolean]( |True if ccache in use is sccache. |[1](||never | |
Data categories are [defined here](
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