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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
friend struct nsHtml5ViewSourcePolicy;
friend struct nsHtml5LineColPolicy;
friend struct nsHtml5FastestPolicy;
int32_t col;
bool nextCharOnNewLine;
inline int32_t getColumnNumber() { return col; }
inline void setColumnNumberAndResetNextLine(int32_t aCol) {
col = aCol;
// The restored position only ever points to the position of
// script tag's > character, so we can unconditionally use
// `false` below.
nextCharOnNewLine = false;
inline nsHtml5HtmlAttributes* GetAttributes() { return attributes; }
* Makes sure the buffers are large enough to be able to tokenize aLength
* UTF-16 code units before having to make the buffers larger.
* @param aLength the number of UTF-16 code units to be tokenized before the
* next call to this method.
* @return true if successful; false if out of memory
bool EnsureBufferSpace(int32_t aLength);
bool TemplatePushedOrHeadPopped();
void RememberGt(int32_t aPos);
void AtKilobyteBoundary() { suspendAfterCurrentTokenIfNotInText(); }
bool IsInTokenStartedAtKilobyteBoundary() {
return suspensionAfterCurrentNonTextTokenPending();
mozilla::UniquePtr<nsHtml5Highlighter> mViewSource;
* Starts handling text/plain. This is a one-way initialization. There is
* no corresponding EndPlainText() call.
void StartPlainText();
void EnableViewSource(nsHtml5Highlighter* aHighlighter);
bool ShouldFlushViewSource();
mozilla::Result<bool, nsresult> FlushViewSource();
void StartViewSource(const nsAutoString& aTitle);
void StartViewSourceCharacters();
[[nodiscard]] bool EndViewSource();
void RewindViewSource();
void SetViewSourceOpSink(nsAHtml5TreeOpSink* aOpSink);
void errGarbageAfterLtSlash();
void errLtSlashGt();
void errWarnLtSlashInRcdata();
void errCharRefLacksSemicolon();
void errNoDigitsInNCR();
void errGtInSystemId();
void errGtInPublicId();
void errNamelessDoctype();
void errConsecutiveHyphens();
void errPrematureEndOfComment();
void errBogusComment();
void errUnquotedAttributeValOrNull(char16_t c);
void errSlashNotFollowedByGt();
void errNoSpaceBetweenAttributes();
void errLtOrEqualsOrGraveInUnquotedAttributeOrNull(char16_t c);
void errAttributeValueMissing();
void errBadCharBeforeAttributeNameOrNull(char16_t c);
void errEqualsSignBeforeAttributeName();
void errBadCharAfterLt(char16_t c);
void errLtGt();
void errProcessingInstruction();
void errUnescapedAmpersandInterpretedAsCharacterReference();
void errNotSemicolonTerminated();
void errNoNamedCharacterMatch();
void errQuoteBeforeAttributeName(char16_t c);
void errQuoteOrLtInAttributeNameOrNull(char16_t c);
void errExpectedPublicId();
void errBogusDoctype();
void maybeErrAttributesOnEndTag(nsHtml5HtmlAttributes* attrs);
void maybeErrSlashInEndTag(bool selfClosing);
char16_t errNcrNonCharacter(char16_t ch);
void errAstralNonCharacter(int32_t ch);
void errNcrSurrogate();
char16_t errNcrControlChar(char16_t ch);
void errNcrCr();
void errNcrInC1Range();
void errEofInPublicId();
void errEofInComment();
void errEofInDoctype();
void errEofInAttributeValue();
void errEofInAttributeName();
void errEofWithoutGt();
void errEofInTagName();
void errEofInEndTag();
void errEofAfterLt();
void errNcrOutOfRange();
void errNcrUnassigned();
void errDuplicateAttribute();
void errEofInSystemId();
void errExpectedSystemId();
void errMissingSpaceBeforeDoctypeName();
void errNestedComment();
void errNcrControlChar();
void errNcrZero();
void errNoSpaceBetweenDoctypeSystemKeywordAndQuote();
void errNoSpaceBetweenPublicAndSystemIds();
void errNoSpaceBetweenDoctypePublicKeywordAndQuote();