Name Description Size An array representing no namespace regardless of namespace mode (HTML, SVG, MathML, lang-mapping HTML) used. 133173 The mask for extracting the dispatch group. 68545 Allocates a new local name object. In C++, the refcount must be set up in such a way that calling <code>releaseLocal</code> on the return value balances the refcount set by this method. 5099
README.txt The .java files in this directory were placed here by the Java-to-C++ 457 Only valid for formatting elements 10794 @param stack @param listOfActiveFormattingElements @param templateModeStack @param formPointer @param headPointer @param deepTreeSurrogateParent @param mode @param originalMode @param framesetOk @param needToDropLF @param quirks 5516 An implementation of This class implements the <code>Locator</code> interface. This is not an incidental implementation detail: Users of this class are encouraged to make use of the <code>Locator</code> nature. By default, the tokenizer may report data that XML 1.0 bans. The tokenizer can be configured to treat these conditions as fatal or to coerce the infoset to something that XML 1.0 allows. @version $Id$ @author hsivonen 347076 Array version of U+FFFD. 278647 An UTF-16 buffer that knows the start and end indeces of its unconsumed content. @version $Id$ @author hsivonen 3971