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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# This file is automatically generated; please do not edit it.
PR_OUT_OF_MEMORY_ERROR=Memory allocation attempt failed
PR_BAD_DESCRIPTOR_ERROR=Invalid file descriptor
PR_WOULD_BLOCK_ERROR=The operation would have blocked
PR_ACCESS_FAULT_ERROR=Invalid memory address argument
PR_INVALID_METHOD_ERROR=Invalid function for file type
PR_ILLEGAL_ACCESS_ERROR=Invalid memory address argument
PR_UNKNOWN_ERROR=Some unknown error has occurred
PR_PENDING_INTERRUPT_ERROR=Operation interrupted by another thread
PR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED_ERROR=function not implemented
PR_IO_ERROR=I/O function error
PR_IO_TIMEOUT_ERROR=I/O operation timed out
PR_IO_PENDING_ERROR=I/O operation on busy file descriptor
PR_DIRECTORY_OPEN_ERROR=The directory could not be opened
PR_INVALID_ARGUMENT_ERROR=Invalid function argument
PR_ADDRESS_NOT_AVAILABLE_ERROR=Network address not available (in use?)
PR_ADDRESS_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERROR=Network address type not supported
PR_IS_CONNECTED_ERROR=Already connected
PR_BAD_ADDRESS_ERROR=Network address is invalid
PR_ADDRESS_IN_USE_ERROR=Local Network address is in use
PR_CONNECT_REFUSED_ERROR=Connection refused by peer
PR_NETWORK_UNREACHABLE_ERROR=Network address is presently unreachable
PR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT_ERROR=Connection attempt timed out
PR_NOT_CONNECTED_ERROR=Network file descriptor is not connected
PR_LOAD_LIBRARY_ERROR=Failure to load dynamic library
PR_UNLOAD_LIBRARY_ERROR=Failure to unload dynamic library
PR_FIND_SYMBOL_ERROR=Symbol not found in any of the loaded dynamic libraries
PR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES_ERROR=Insufficient system resources
PR_DIRECTORY_LOOKUP_ERROR=A directory lookup on a network address has failed
PR_TPD_RANGE_ERROR=Attempt to access a TPD key that is out of range
PR_PROC_DESC_TABLE_FULL_ERROR=Process open FD table is full
PR_SYS_DESC_TABLE_FULL_ERROR=System open FD table is full
PR_NOT_SOCKET_ERROR=Network operation attempted on non-network file descriptor
PR_NOT_TCP_SOCKET_ERROR=TCP-specific function attempted on a non-TCP file descriptor
PR_SOCKET_ADDRESS_IS_BOUND_ERROR=TCP file descriptor is already bound
PR_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERROR=The requested operation is not supported by the platform
PR_PROTOCOL_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERROR=The host operating system does not support the protocol requested
PR_REMOTE_FILE_ERROR=Access to the remote file has been severed
PR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW_ERROR=The value requested is too large to be stored in the data buffer provided
PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR=TCP connection reset by peer
PR_DEADLOCK_ERROR=The operation would have deadlocked
PR_FILE_IS_LOCKED_ERROR=The file is already locked
PR_FILE_TOO_BIG_ERROR=Write would result in file larger than the system allows
PR_NO_DEVICE_SPACE_ERROR=The device for storing the file is full
PR_IS_DIRECTORY_ERROR=Cannot perform a normal file operation on a directory
PR_LOOP_ERROR=Symbolic link loop
PR_NAME_TOO_LONG_ERROR=File name is too long
PR_NOT_DIRECTORY_ERROR=Cannot perform directory operation on a normal file
PR_READ_ONLY_FILESYSTEM_ERROR=Cannot write to a read-only file system
PR_DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY_ERROR=Cannot delete a directory that is not empty
PR_FILESYSTEM_MOUNTED_ERROR=Cannot delete or rename a file object while the file system is busy
PR_NOT_SAME_DEVICE_ERROR=Cannot rename a file to a file system on another device
PR_DIRECTORY_CORRUPTED_ERROR=The directory object in the file system is corrupted
PR_FILE_EXISTS_ERROR=Cannot create or rename a filename that already exists
PR_MAX_DIRECTORY_ENTRIES_ERROR=Directory is full. No additional filenames may be added
PR_INVALID_DEVICE_STATE_ERROR=The required device was in an invalid state
PR_DEVICE_IS_LOCKED_ERROR=The device is locked
PR_NO_MORE_FILES_ERROR=No more entries in the directory
PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR=Encountered end of file
PR_FILE_IS_BUSY_ERROR=The file is busy
PR_OPERATION_ABORTED_ERROR=The I/O operation was aborted
PR_IN_PROGRESS_ERROR=Operation is still in progress (probably a non-blocking connect)
PR_ALREADY_INITIATED_ERROR=Operation has already been initiated (probably a non-blocking connect)
PR_GROUP_EMPTY_ERROR=The wait group is empty
PR_INVALID_STATE_ERROR=Object state improper for request
PR_LIBRARY_NOT_LOADED_ERROR=The library is not loaded
PR_CALL_ONCE_ERROR=The one-time function was previously called and failed. Its error code is no longer available
PR_MAX_ERROR=Placeholder for the end of the list