Name Description Size 889
prdir.c _MD_READ_DIR return a char* to the name; allocation in machine-dependent code 3006
prfdcach.c / /**************************************************************************** 7614
prfile.c To pick up sysconf 19572
prio.c for memset() 7219
priometh.c / /************************** Invalid I/O method object *********************** 16526
pripv6.c File: pripv6.c * Description: Support for various functions unique to IPv6 11277
prlayer.c File: prlayer.c * Description: Routines for handling pushable protocol modules on sockets. 20779
prlog.c Lock used to lock the log. We can't define _PR_LOCK_LOG simply as PR_Lock because PR_Lock may contain assertions. We have to avoid assertions in _PR_LOCK_LOG because PR_ASSERT calls PR_LogPrint, which in turn calls _PR_LOCK_LOG. This can lead to infinite recursion. 16556
prmapopt.c This file defines _PR_MapOptionName(). The purpose of putting _PR_MapOptionName() in a separate file is to work around a Winsock header file problem on Windows NT. On Windows NT, if we define _WIN32_WINNT to be 0x0400 (in order to use Service Pack 3 extensions), windows.h includes winsock2.h (instead of winsock.h), which doesn't define many socket options defined in winsock.h. We need the socket options defined in winsock.h. So this file includes winsock.h, with _WIN32_WINNT undefined. 17047
prmmap.c Memory-mapped files ******************************************************************** 1627
prmwait.c make its prev and next point to itself so that it's obvious that it's not on the timer_queue. 45789
prpolevt.c Pollable events Pollable events are implemented using layered I/O. The only I/O methods that are implemented for pollable events are poll and close. No other methods can be invoked on a pollable event. A pipe or socket pair is created and the pollable event layer is pushed onto the read end. A pointer to the write end is saved in the PRFilePrivate structure of the pollable event. ******************************************************************** 6244
prprf.c Portable safe sprintf code. * * Author: Kipp E.B. Hickman 33113
prscanf.c Scan functions for NSPR types Author: Wan-Teh Chang Acknowledgment: The implementation is inspired by the source code in P.J. Plauger's "The Standard C Library," Prentice-Hall, 1992. 17621
prsocket.c / /* These two functions are only used in assertions. 56547
prstdio.c fprintf to a PRFileDesc 2027
.cvsignore 9