Name Description Size
fileio.cpp fileio.cpp - a test program 823
interval.cpp interval.cpp - a test program 2678 4964
ranfile.cpp Contact: AOF<> * * Name: ranfile.c * * Description: Test to hammer on various components of NSPR * Modification History: * 20-May-97 AGarcia- Converted the test to accomodate the debug_mode flag. * The debug mode will print all of the printfs associated with this test. * The regress mode will be the default mode. Since the regress tool limits * the output to a one line status:PASS or FAIL,all of the printf statements * have been handled with an if (debug_mode) statement. * 04-June-97 AGarcia removed the Test_Result function. Regress tool has been updated to * recognize the return code from tha main program. ********************************************************************* 14680
switch.cpp File: switch.cpp * Description: trying to time context switches 6834
thread.cpp thread.cpp - a test program 2501
time.cpp time.cpp - a test program 646
tpd.cpp File: tpd.cpp * Description: Exercising the thread private data bailywick. 8749
.cvsignore 9