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mozITXTToHTMLConv.idl Description: Currently only functions to enhance plain text with HTML tags. <p> Wrapper class for various parsing routines, that convert plain text to HTML. They try to recognize cites, URLs, plain text formattting like *bold* etc. See <> for a description. 3689
nsIDirIndex.idl A class holding information about a directory index. These have no reference back to their original source - changing these attributes won't affect the directory 1540
nsIDirIndexListener.idl This interface is used to receive contents of directory index listings from a protocol. They can then be transformed into an output format (such as rdf, html, etc) 1151
nsIStreamConverter.idl nsIStreamConverter provides an interface to implement when you have code that converts data from one type to another. Suppose you had code that converted plain text into HTML. You could implement this interface to allow everyone else to use your conversion logic using a standard api. <p> <b>STREAM CONVERTER USERS</b> There are currently two ways to use a stream converter: <ol> <li> <b>SYNCHRONOUS</b> Stream to Stream You can supply the service with a stream of type X and it will convert it to your desired output type and return a converted (blocking) stream to you.</li> <li> <b>ASYNCHRONOUS</b> nsIStreamListener to nsIStreamListener You can supply data directly to the converter by calling it's nsIStreamListener::OnDataAvailable() method. It will then convert that data from type X to your desired output type and return converted data to you via the nsIStreamListener you passed in by calling its OnDataAvailable() method.</li> </ol> <p> <b>STREAM CONVERTER SUPPLIERS</b> Registering a stream converter: Stream converter registration is a two step process. First of all the stream converter implementation must register itself with the component manager using a contractid in the format below. Second, the stream converter must add the contractid to the registry. Stream converter contractid format (the stream converter root key is defined in this file): <pre>;1?from=FROM_MIME_TYPE&to=TO_MIME_TYPE</pre> @author Jud Valeski @see nsIStreamConverterService 4796
nsIStreamConverterService.idl The nsIStreamConverterService is a higher level stream converter factory responsible for locating and creating stream converters (nsIStreamConverter). This service retrieves an interface that can convert data from a particular MIME type, to a particular MIME type. It is responsible for any intermediary conversion required in order to get from X to Z, assuming direct conversion is not possible. @author Jud Valeski @see nsIStreamConverter 3881
nsITXTToHTMLConv.idl @param text: Title to set for the HTML document. Only applicable if preFormatHTML(true) is called. @result The given title will be used to form an HTML document from the plain text document. 992
nsStreamConverterService.cpp 18265
nsStreamConverterService.h 1538