Name Description Size
BaseWebSocketChannel.cpp 11211
BaseWebSocketChannel.h milliseconds 5063
IPCTransportProvider.cpp 2326
IPCTransportProvider.h No, the ownership model for TransportProvider is that the child object is refcounted "normally". I.e. ipdl code doesn't hold a strong reference to TransportProviderChild. When TransportProviderChild goes away, it sends a __delete__ message to the parent. On the parent side, ipdl holds a strong reference to TransportProviderParent. When the actor is deallocatde it releases the reference to the TransportProviderParent. So effectively the child holds a strong reference to the parent, and are otherwise normally refcounted and have their lifetime determined by that refcount. The only other caveat is that the creation happens from the parent. So to create a TransportProvider, a constructor is sent from the parent to the child. At this time the child gets its first addref. A reference to the TransportProvider is then sent as part of some other message from the parent to the child. The receiver of that message can then grab the TransportProviderChild and without addreffing it, effectively using the refcount that the TransportProviderChild got on creation. 2861 1780
nsITransportProvider.idl An interface which can be used to asynchronously request a nsITransport together with the input and output streams that go together with it. 1236
nsIWebSocketChannel.idl Low-level websocket API: handles network protocol. This is primarly intended for use by the higher-level nsIWebSocket.idl. We are also making it scriptable for now, but this may change once we have WebSockets for Workers. 10238
nsIWebSocketEventService.idl 3386
nsIWebSocketImpl.idl Called to send message of type string through web socket @param aMessage the message to send 637
nsIWebSocketListener.idl nsIWebSocketListener: passed to nsIWebSocketChannel::AsyncOpen. Receives websocket traffic events as they arrive. 3604
PTransportProvider.ipdl The only thing this protocol manages is used for is passing a PTransportProvider object from parent to child and then back to the parent again. Hence there's no need for any messages on the protocol itself. 878
PWebSocket.ipdl 2367
PWebSocketConnection.ipdl 934
PWebSocketEventListener.ipdl 1593
WebSocketChannel.cpp About SSL unsigned certificates wss will not work to a host using an unsigned certificate unless there is already an exception (i.e. it cannot popup a dialog asking for a security exception). This is similar to how an inlined img will fail without a dialog if fails for the same reason. This should not be a problem in practice as it is expected the websocket javascript is served from the same host as the websocket server (or of course, a valid cert could just be provided). 140438
WebSocketChannel.h 13838
WebSocketChannelChild.cpp stabilize 21317
WebSocketChannelChild.h 4513
WebSocketChannelParent.cpp 11402
WebSocketChannelParent.h 2564
WebSocketConnection.cpp 7445
WebSocketConnection.h 2534
WebSocketConnectionBase.h 4451
WebSocketConnectionChild.cpp 6526
WebSocketConnectionChild.h 1902
WebSocketConnectionListener.h 780
WebSocketConnectionParent.cpp 6109
WebSocketConnectionParent.h 2685
WebSocketEventListenerChild.cpp 3657
WebSocketEventListenerChild.h 2228
WebSocketEventListenerParent.cpp 3946
WebSocketEventListenerParent.h 1282
WebSocketEventService.cpp 18738
WebSocketEventService.h Casting WebSocketEventService to nsISupports is ambiguous. This method handles that. 4486
WebSocketFrame.cpp 4262
WebSocketFrame.h 2795
WebSocketLog.h 671