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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim:set ts=4 sw=2 et cindent: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef Http3Session_H__
#define Http3Session_H__
#include "nsISupportsImpl.h"
#include "nsITimer.h"
#include "mozilla/net/NeqoHttp3Conn.h"
#include "nsAHttpConnection.h"
#include "nsRefPtrHashtable.h"
#include "nsWeakReference.h"
#include "HttpTrafficAnalyzer.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"
#include "nsDeque.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace net {
class HttpConnectionUDP;
class Http3Stream;
class QuicSocketControl;
// IID for the Http3Session interface
{ \
0x8fc82aaf, 0xc4ef, 0x46ed, { \
0x89, 0x41, 0x93, 0x95, 0x8f, 0xac, 0x4f, 0x21 \
} \
class Http3Session final : public nsAHttpTransaction,
public nsAHttpConnection,
public nsAHttpSegmentReader,
public nsAHttpSegmentWriter {
nsresult Init(const nsHttpConnectionInfo* aConnInfo,
nsISocketTransport* aSocketTransport,
HttpConnectionUDP* readerWriter);
bool IsConnected() const { return mState == CONNECTED; }
bool CanSandData() const {
return (mState == CONNECTED) || (mState == ZERORTT);
bool IsClosing() const { return (mState == CLOSING || mState == CLOSED); }
bool IsClosed() const { return mState == CLOSED; }
bool AddStream(nsAHttpTransaction* aHttpTransaction, int32_t aPriority,
nsIInterfaceRequestor* aCallbacks);
bool CanReuse();
// overload of nsAHttpTransaction
[[nodiscard]] nsresult ReadSegmentsAgain(nsAHttpSegmentReader*, uint32_t,
uint32_t*, bool*) final;
[[nodiscard]] nsresult WriteSegmentsAgain(nsAHttpSegmentWriter*, uint32_t,
uint32_t*, bool*) final;
// The folowing functions are used by Http3Stream:
nsresult TryActivating(const nsACString& aMethod, const nsACString& aScheme,
const nsACString& aHost, const nsACString& aPath,
const nsACString& aHeaders, uint64_t* aStreamId,
Http3Stream* aStream);
void CloseSendingSide(uint64_t aStreamId);
nsresult SendRequestBody(uint64_t aStreamId, const char* buf, uint32_t count,
uint32_t* countRead);
nsresult ReadResponseHeaders(uint64_t aStreamId,
nsTArray<uint8_t>& aResponseHeaders, bool* aFin);
nsresult ReadResponseData(uint64_t aStreamId, char* aBuf, uint32_t aCount,
uint32_t* aCountWritten, bool* aFin);
void CloseStream(Http3Stream* aStream, nsresult aResult);
void SetCleanShutdown(bool aCleanShutdown) {
mCleanShutdown = aCleanShutdown;
bool TestJoinConnection(const nsACString& hostname, int32_t port);
bool JoinConnection(const nsACString& hostname, int32_t port);
void TransactionHasDataToWrite(nsAHttpTransaction* caller) override;
void TransactionHasDataToRecv(nsAHttpTransaction* caller) override;
nsISocketTransport* SocketTransport() { return mSocketTransport; }
// This function will be called by QuicSocketControl when the certificate
// verification is done.
void Authenticated(int32_t aError);
nsresult ProcessOutputAndEvents();
const nsCString& GetAlpnToken() { return mAlpnToken; }
void ReportHttp3Connection();
void CloseInternal(bool aCallNeqoClose);
void Shutdown();
bool RealJoinConnection(const nsACString& hostname, int32_t port,
bool justKidding);
nsresult ProcessOutput();
nsresult ProcessInput(uint32_t* aCountRead);
nsresult ProcessEvents(uint32_t count);
nsresult ProcessTransactionRead(uint64_t stream_id, uint32_t count,
uint32_t* countWritten);
nsresult ProcessTransactionRead(Http3Stream* stream, uint32_t count,
uint32_t* countWritten);
nsresult ProcessSlowConsumers();
void ConnectSlowConsumer(Http3Stream* stream);
void SetupTimer(uint64_t aTimeout);
void ResetRecvd(uint64_t aStreamId, uint64_t aError);
void QueueStream(Http3Stream* stream);
void RemoveStreamFromQueues(Http3Stream*);
void ProcessPending();
void CallCertVerification();
void SetSecInfo();
void StreamReadyToWrite(Http3Stream* aStream);
void MaybeResumeSend();
void CloseConnectionTelemetry(CloseError& aError, bool aClosing);
void Finish0Rtt(bool aRestart);
RefPtr<NeqoHttp3Conn> mHttp3Connection;
RefPtr<nsAHttpConnection> mConnection;
nsRefPtrHashtable<nsUint64HashKey, Http3Stream> mStreamIdHash;
nsRefPtrHashtable<nsPtrHashKey<nsAHttpTransaction>, Http3Stream>
nsDeque<Http3Stream> mReadyForWrite;
nsTArray<RefPtr<Http3Stream>> mSlowConsumersReadyForRead;
nsDeque<Http3Stream> mQueuedStreams;
bool mAuthenticationStarted;
bool mCleanShutdown;
bool mGoawayReceived;
bool mShouldClose;
bool mIsClosedByNeqo;
bool mHttp3ConnectionReported = false;
// mError is neqo error (a protocol error) and that may mean that we will
// send some packets after that.
nsresult mError;
// This is a socket error, there is no poioint in sending anything on that
// socket.
nsresult mSocketError;
bool mBeforeConnectedError;
uint64_t mCurrentForegroundTabOuterContentWindowId;
// True if the mTimer is inited and waiting for firing.
bool mTimerActive;
nsTArray<uint8_t> mPacketToSend;
RefPtr<HttpConnectionUDP> mSegmentReaderWriter;
// The underlying socket transport object is needed to propogate some events
RefPtr<nsISocketTransport> mSocketTransport;
nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mTimer;
nsDataHashtable<nsCStringHashKey, bool> mJoinConnectionCache;
RefPtr<QuicSocketControl> mSocketControl;
nsCString mAlpnToken;
uint64_t mTransactionCount = 0;
// The stream(s) that we are getting 0RTT data from.
nsTArray<WeakPtr<Http3Stream>> m0RTTStreams;
// The stream(s) that are not able to send 0RTT data. We need to
// remember them put them into mReadyForWrite queue when 0RTT finishes.
nsTArray<WeakPtr<Http3Stream>> mCannotDo0RTTStreams;
// The following variables are needed for telemetry.
TimeStamp mConnectionIdleStart;
TimeStamp mConnectionIdleEnd;
Maybe<uint64_t> mFirstStreamIdReuseIdleConnection;
TimeStamp mTimerShouldTrigger;
uint64_t mBlockedByStreamLimitCount = 0;
uint64_t mTransactionsBlockedByStreamLimitCount = 0;
uint64_t mTransactionsSenderBlockedByFlowControlCount = 0;
// NS_NET_STATUS_CONNECTED_TO event will be created by the Http3Session.
// We want to propagate it to the first transaction.
RefPtr<nsHttpTransaction> mFirstHttpTransaction;
RefPtr<nsHttpConnectionInfo> mConnInfo;
} // namespace net
} // namespace mozilla
#endif // Http3Session_H__