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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_net_Http2Push_Internal_h
#define mozilla_net_Http2Push_Internal_h
// HTTP/2 - RFC 7540
#include "Http2Session.h"
#include "Http2StreamBase.h"
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"
#include "nsHttpRequestHead.h"
#include "nsIRequestContext.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "PSpdyPush.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace net {
class Http2PushTransactionBuffer;
class Http2PushedStream final : public Http2StreamBase {
Http2PushedStream(Http2PushTransactionBuffer* aTransaction,
Http2Session* aSession, Http2StreamBase* aAssociatedStream,
uint32_t aID,
uint64_t aCurrentForegroundTabOuterContentWindowId);
Http2PushedStream* GetHttp2PushedStream() override { return this; }
bool GetPushComplete();
// The consumer stream is the synthetic pull stream hooked up to this push
Http2StreamBase* GetConsumerStream() { return mConsumerStream; };
void SetConsumerStream(Http2StreamBase* consumer);
[[nodiscard]] bool GetHashKey(nsCString& key);
// override of Http2StreamBase
[[nodiscard]] nsresult ReadSegments(nsAHttpSegmentReader*, uint32_t,
uint32_t*) override;
[[nodiscard]] nsresult WriteSegments(nsAHttpSegmentWriter*, uint32_t,
uint32_t*) override;
void AdjustInitialWindow() override;
nsAHttpTransaction* Transaction() override { return mTransaction; }
nsIRequestContext* RequestContext() override { return mRequestContext; };
void ConnectPushedStream(Http2StreamBase* stream);
[[nodiscard]] bool TryOnPush();
[[nodiscard]] static bool TestOnPush(Http2StreamBase* stream);
virtual bool DeferCleanup(nsresult status) override;
void SetDeferCleanupOnSuccess(bool val) { mDeferCleanupOnSuccess = val; }
bool IsOrphaned(TimeStamp now);
void OnPushFailed() {
mDeferCleanupOnPush = false;
mOnPushFailed = true;
[[nodiscard]] nsresult GetBufferedData(char* buf, uint32_t count,
uint32_t* countWritten);
// overload of Http2StreamBase
virtual bool HasSink() override { return !!mConsumerStream; }
void SetPushComplete() { mPushCompleted = true; }
virtual void CurrentBrowserIdChanged(uint64_t) override;
nsCString& GetRequestString() { return mRequestString; }
nsCString& GetResourceUrl() { return mResourceUrl; }
nsresult ConvertPushHeaders(Http2Decompressor* decompressor,
nsACString& aHeadersIn, nsACString& aHeadersOut);
void CloseStream(nsresult reason) override;
nsresult CallToReadData(uint32_t count, uint32_t* countRead) override;
nsresult CallToWriteData(uint32_t count, uint32_t* countWritten) override;
nsresult GenerateHeaders(nsCString& aCompressedData,
uint8_t& firstFrameFlags) override;
virtual ~Http2PushedStream() = default;
// paired request stream that consumes from real http/2 one.. null until a
// match is made.
Http2StreamBase* mConsumerStream{nullptr};
nsCOMPtr<nsIRequestContext> mRequestContext;
nsAHttpTransaction* mAssociatedTransaction;
Http2PushTransactionBuffer* mBufferedPush;
mozilla::TimeStamp mLastRead;
nsCString mHashKey;
nsresult mStatus{NS_OK};
bool mPushCompleted{false}; // server push FIN received
bool mDeferCleanupOnSuccess{true};
// mDeferCleanupOnPush prevents Http2Session::CleanupStream() from
// destroying the push stream on an error code during the period between
// when we need to do OnPush() on another thread and the time it takes
// for that event to create a synthetic pull stream attached to this
// object. That synthetic pull will become mConsuemerStream.
// Ths is essentially a delete protecting reference.
bool mDeferCleanupOnPush{false};
bool mOnPushFailed{false};
nsCString mRequestString;
nsCString mResourceUrl;
uint32_t mDefaultPriorityDependency;
// The underlying HTTP transaction. This pointer is used as the key
// in the Http2Session mStreamTransactionHash so it is important to
// keep a reference to it as long as this stream is a member of that hash.
// (i.e. don't change it or release it after it is set in the ctor).
RefPtr<nsAHttpTransaction> const mTransaction;
class Http2PushTransactionBuffer final : public nsAHttpTransaction {
[[nodiscard]] nsresult GetBufferedData(char* buf, uint32_t count,
uint32_t* countWritten);
void SetPushStream(Http2PushedStream* stream) { mPushStream = stream; }
virtual ~Http2PushTransactionBuffer();
uint64_t Available();
const static uint32_t kDefaultBufferSize = 4096;
nsresult mStatus{NS_OK};
nsHttpRequestHead* mRequestHead{nullptr};
Http2PushedStream* mPushStream{nullptr};
bool mIsDone{false};
UniquePtr<char[]> mBufferedHTTP1;
uint32_t mBufferedHTTP1Size{kDefaultBufferSize};
uint32_t mBufferedHTTP1Used{0};
uint32_t mBufferedHTTP1Consumed{0};
class Http2PushedStreamWrapper : public nsISupports {
bool DispatchRelease();
explicit Http2PushedStreamWrapper(Http2PushedStream* aPushStream);
nsCString& GetRequestString() { return mRequestString; }
nsCString& GetResourceUrl() { return mResourceUrl; }
Http2PushedStream* GetStream();
void OnPushFailed();
uint32_t StreamID() { return mStreamID; }
virtual ~Http2PushedStreamWrapper();
nsCString mRequestString;
nsCString mResourceUrl;
uint32_t mStreamID;
WeakPtr<Http2StreamBase> mStream;
} // namespace net
} // namespace mozilla
#endif // mozilla_net_Http2Push_Internal_h