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/* vim:set ts=4 sw=2 sts=2 et cin: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef ConnectionEntry_h__
#define ConnectionEntry_h__
#include "PendingTransactionInfo.h"
#include "PendingTransactionQueue.h"
#include "DnsAndConnectSocket.h"
#include "DashboardTypes.h"
namespace mozilla {
namespace net {
// ConnectionEntry
// nsHttpConnectionMgr::mCT maps connection info hash key to ConnectionEntry
// object, which contains list of active and idle connections as well as the
// list of pending transactions.
class ConnectionEntry {
explicit ConnectionEntry(nsHttpConnectionInfo* ci);
void ReschedTransaction(nsHttpTransaction* aTrans);
nsTArray<RefPtr<PendingTransactionInfo>>* GetTransactionPendingQHelper(
nsAHttpTransaction* trans);
void InsertTransactionSorted(
nsTArray<RefPtr<PendingTransactionInfo>>& pendingQ,
PendingTransactionInfo* pendingTransInfo,
bool aInsertAsFirstForTheSamePriority = false);
void InsertTransaction(PendingTransactionInfo* aPendingTransInfo,
bool aInsertAsFirstForTheSamePriority = false);
size_t UrgentStartQueueLength();
void PrintPendingQ();
void Compact();
void CancelAllTransactions(nsresult reason);
nsresult CloseIdleConnection(nsHttpConnection* conn);
void CloseIdleConnections();
void CloseIdleConnections(uint32_t maxToClose);
void CloseH2WebsocketConnections();
void ClosePendingConnections();
nsresult RemoveIdleConnection(nsHttpConnection* conn);
bool IsInIdleConnections(HttpConnectionBase* conn);
size_t IdleConnectionsLength() const { return mIdleConns.Length(); }
void InsertIntoIdleConnections(nsHttpConnection* conn);
already_AddRefed<nsHttpConnection> GetIdleConnection(bool respectUrgency,
bool urgentTrans,
bool* onlyUrgent);
size_t ActiveConnsLength() const { return mActiveConns.Length(); }
void InsertIntoActiveConns(HttpConnectionBase* conn);
bool IsInActiveConns(HttpConnectionBase* conn);
nsresult RemoveActiveConnection(HttpConnectionBase* conn);
nsresult RemovePendingConnection(HttpConnectionBase* conn);
void MakeAllDontReuseExcept(HttpConnectionBase* conn);
bool FindConnToClaim(PendingTransactionInfo* pendingTransInfo);
void CloseActiveConnections();
void CloseAllActiveConnsWithNullTransactcion(nsresult aCloseCode);
bool IsInH2WebsocketConns(HttpConnectionBase* conn);
void InsertIntoH2WebsocketConns(HttpConnectionBase* conn);
void RemoveH2WebsocketConns(HttpConnectionBase* conn);
HttpConnectionBase* GetH2orH3ActiveConn();
// Make an active spdy connection DontReuse.
// TODO: this is a helper function and should nbe improved.
bool MakeFirstActiveSpdyConnDontReuse();
void ClosePersistentConnections();
uint32_t PruneDeadConnections();
void VerifyTraffic();
void PruneNoTraffic();
uint32_t TimeoutTick();
void MoveConnection(HttpConnectionBase* proxyConn, ConnectionEntry* otherEnt);
size_t DnsAndConnectSocketsLength() const {
return mDnsAndConnectSockets.Length();
void InsertIntoDnsAndConnectSockets(DnsAndConnectSocket* sock);
void RemoveDnsAndConnectSocket(DnsAndConnectSocket* dnsAndSock, bool abandon);
void CloseAllDnsAndConnectSockets();
HttpRetParams GetConnectionData();
void LogConnections();
const RefPtr<nsHttpConnectionInfo> mConnInfo;
bool AvailableForDispatchNow();
// calculate the number of half open sockets that have not had at least 1
// connection complete
uint32_t UnconnectedDnsAndConnectSockets() const;
// Remove a particular DnsAndConnectSocket from the mDnsAndConnectSocket array
bool RemoveDnsAndConnectSocket(DnsAndConnectSocket*);
bool MaybeProcessCoalescingKeys(nsIDNSAddrRecord* dnsRecord,
bool aIsHttp3 = false);
nsresult CreateDnsAndConnectSocket(nsAHttpTransaction* trans, uint32_t caps,
bool speculative, bool isFromPredictor,
bool urgentStart, bool allow1918,
PendingTransactionInfo* pendingTransInfo);
// Spdy sometimes resolves the address in the socket manager in order
// to re-coalesce sharded HTTP hosts. The dotted decimal address is
// combined with the Anonymous flag and OA from the connection information
// to build the hash key for hosts in the same ip pool.
nsTArray<nsCString> mCoalescingKeys;
// This is a list of addresses matching the coalescing keys.
// This is necessary to check if the origin's DNS entries
// contain the IP address of the active connection.
nsTArray<NetAddr> mAddresses;
// To have the UsingSpdy flag means some host with the same connection
// entry has done NPN=spdy/* at some point. It does not mean every
// connection is currently using spdy.
bool mUsingSpdy : 1;
// Determines whether or not we can continue to use spdy-enabled
// connections in the future. This is generally set to false either when
// some connection here encounters connection-based auth (such as NTLM)
// or when some connection here encounters a server that is totally
// busted (such as it fails to properly perform the h2 handshake).
bool mCanUseSpdy : 1;
// Flags to remember our happy-eyeballs decision.
// Reset only by Ctrl-F5 reload.
// True when we've first connected an IPv4 server for this host,
// initially false.
bool mPreferIPv4 : 1;
// True when we've first connected an IPv6 server for this host,
// initially false.
bool mPreferIPv6 : 1;
// True if this connection entry has initiated a socket
bool mUsedForConnection : 1;
bool mDoNotDestroy : 1;
bool IsHttp3() const { return mConnInfo->IsHttp3(); }
bool AllowHttp2() const { return mCanUseSpdy; }
void DisallowHttp2();
void DontReuseHttp3Conn();
// Set the IP family preference flags according the connected family
void RecordIPFamilyPreference(uint16_t family);
// Resets all flags to their default values
void ResetIPFamilyPreference();
// True iff there is currently an established IP family preference
bool PreferenceKnown() const;
// Return the count of pending transactions for all window ids.
size_t PendingQueueLength() const;
size_t PendingQueueLengthForWindow(uint64_t windowId) const;
void AppendPendingUrgentStartQ(
nsTArray<RefPtr<PendingTransactionInfo>>& result);
// Append transactions to the |result| whose window id
// is equal to |windowId|.
// NOTE: maxCount == 0 will get all transactions in the queue.
void AppendPendingQForFocusedWindow(
uint64_t windowId, nsTArray<RefPtr<PendingTransactionInfo>>& result,
uint32_t maxCount = 0);
// Append transactions whose window id isn't equal to |windowId|.
// NOTE: windowId == 0 will get all transactions for both
// focused and non-focused windows.
void AppendPendingQForNonFocusedWindows(
uint64_t windowId, nsTArray<RefPtr<PendingTransactionInfo>>& result,
uint32_t maxCount = 0);
// Remove the empty pendingQ in |mPendingTransactionTable|.
void RemoveEmptyPendingQ();
void PrintDiagnostics(nsCString& log, uint32_t aMaxPersistConns);
bool RestrictConnections();
// Return total active connection count, which is the sum of
// active connections and unconnected half open connections.
uint32_t TotalActiveConnections() const;
bool RemoveTransFromPendingQ(nsHttpTransaction* aTrans);
void MaybeUpdateEchConfig(nsHttpConnectionInfo* aConnInfo);
bool AllowToRetryDifferentIPFamilyForHttp3(nsresult aError);
void SetRetryDifferentIPFamilyForHttp3(uint16_t aIPFamily);
void SetServerCertHashes(nsTArray<RefPtr<nsIWebTransportHash>>&& aHashes);
const nsTArray<RefPtr<nsIWebTransportHash>>& GetServerCertHashes();
void InsertIntoIdleConnections_internal(nsHttpConnection* conn);
void RemoveFromIdleConnectionsIndex(size_t inx);
bool RemoveFromIdleConnections(nsHttpConnection* conn);
nsTArray<RefPtr<nsHttpConnection>> mIdleConns; // idle persistent connections
nsTArray<RefPtr<HttpConnectionBase>> mActiveConns; // active connections
// When a connection is added to this mPendingConns list, it is primarily
// to keep the connection alive and to continue serving its ongoing
// transaction. While in this list, the connection will not be available to
// serve any new transactions and will remain here until its current
// transaction is complete.
nsTArray<RefPtr<HttpConnectionBase>> mPendingConns;
// "fake" http2 websocket connections that needs to be cleaned up on shutdown
nsTArray<RefPtr<HttpConnectionBase>> mH2WebsocketConns;
mDnsAndConnectSockets; // dns resolution and half open connections
// If serverCertificateHashes are used, these are stored here
nsTArray<RefPtr<nsIWebTransportHash>> mServerCertHashes;
PendingTransactionQueue mPendingQ;
bool mRetriedDifferentIPFamilyForHttp3 = false;
} // namespace net
} // namespace mozilla
#endif // !ConnectionEntry_h__