Name Description Size 606
nsIMIMEHeaderParam.idl This interface allows any module to access the routine for MIME header parameter parsing (RFC 2231/5987) 9741
nsIMIMEInfo.idl nsIHandlerInfo gives access to the information about how a given protocol scheme or MIME-type is handled. 12299
nsIMIMEService.idl 03af31da-3109-11d3-8cd0-0060b0fc14a3 4287
nsMIMEHeaderParamImpl.cpp static 41795
nsMIMEHeaderParamImpl.h Identical to calling GetParameterHTTP(aHeaderVal, aParameterName, EmptyCString(), false, nullptr, aResult) See nsIMIMEHeaderParam.idl for more information. 1666
nsMimeTypes.h This interface allows any module to access the encoder/decoder routines for RFC822 headers. This will allow any mail/news module to call on these routines. 9439