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nsIStructuredFieldValues.idl Conceptually, there are three types of structured field (header) values: Item - can be an Integer, Decimal, String, Token, Byte Sequence, or Boolean. It can have associated Parameters. List - array of zero or more members, each of which can be an Item or an InnerList, both of which can be Parameterized. Dictionary - ordered map of name-value pairs, where the names are short textual strings and the values are Items or arrays of Items (represented with InnerList), both of which can be Parameterized. There can be zero or more members, and their names are unique in the scope of the Dictionary they occur within. There's also a few primitive types used to construct structured field values: - BareItem used as Item's value or as a parameter value in Parameters. - Parameters are an ordered map of key-value pairs that are associated with an Item or InnerList. The keys are unique within the scope the Parameters they occur within, and the values are BareItem. - InnerList is an array of zero or more Items. Can have Parameters. - ListEntry represents either Item or InnerList as a member of List or as member-value in Dictionary. 9900
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