Name Description Size
AutoProfilerLabel.cpp static 3723
AutoProfilerLabel.h 2624
AwakeTimeStamp.cpp 2515
AwakeTimeStamp.h 4133
ConditionVariable_noop.cpp 1438
ConditionVariable_posix.cpp 5247
ConditionVariable_windows.cpp 3414
Debug.cpp 3416
Debug.h This header file intends to supply debugging utilities for use in code that cannot use XPCOM debugging facilities like nsDebug.h. e.g. mozglue, browser/app NB: printf_stderr() is in the global namespace, so include this file with care; avoid including from header files. 2881
DynamicallyLinkedFunctionPtr.h In most cases, this class is the one that you want to use for resolving a dynamically-linked function pointer. It should be instantiated as a static local variable. NB: It has a trivial destructor, so the DLL that is loaded is never freed. Assuming that this function is called fairly often, this is the most sensible option. OTOH, if the function you are calling is a one-off, or the static local requirement is too restrictive, use DynamicallyLinkedFunctionPtr instead. 4185
GetKnownFolderPath.cpp 1269
GetKnownFolderPath.h 1302
ImportDir.h This function ensures that the import directory of a loaded binary image matches the version that is found in the original file on disk. We do this to prevent tampering by third-party code. Yes, this function may perform file I/O on the critical path during startup. A mitigating factor here is that this function must be called immediately after creating a process using the image specified by |aFullImagePath|; by this point, the system has already paid the price of pulling the image file's contents into the page cache. @param aFullImagePath Wide-character string containing the absolute path to the binary whose import directory we are touching. @param aTransferMgr Encapsulating the transfer from the current process to the child process whose import table we are touching. 3712
IntegerPrintfMacros.h Implements the C99 <inttypes.h> interface. 3273
MmapFaultHandler.cpp 4653
MmapFaultHandler.h 4274 3895
Mutex_noop.cpp 1113
Mutex_posix.cpp 4200
Mutex_windows.cpp 1256
MutexPlatformData_noop.h 581
MutexPlatformData_posix.h 566
MutexPlatformData_windows.h 567
NativeNt.h 54675
PlatformConditionVariable.h 2178
PlatformMutex.h 1694
PlatformRWLock.h 1316
PreXULSkeletonUI.cpp 86505
PreXULSkeletonUI.h 5568
Printf.cpp Portable safe sprintf code. Author: Kipp E.B. Hickman 27711
Printf.h Printf-like functions, with canned variants that malloc their result. 8849
ProcessType.cpp 2250
ProcessType.h @return the GeckoProcessType of the current process. 1443
RuntimeExceptionModule.cpp 3160
RuntimeExceptionModule.h 619
RWLock_posix.cpp 2286
RWLock_windows.cpp 1380
SIMD.cpp 19883
SIMD.h 3825
SIMD_avx2.cpp 9549
Sprintf.h Provides a safer sprintf for printing to fixed-size character arrays. 2544
SSE.cpp compile-time and runtime tests for whether to use SSE instructions 7395
SSE.h compile-time and runtime tests for whether to use SSE instructions 11822
StackWalk.cpp API for getting a stack trace of the C/C++ stack on the current thread 38139
StackWalk.h APIs for getting a stack trace of the current thread 9311
StackWalk_windows.h Allow stack walkers to work around the egregious win64 dynamic lookup table list API by locking around SuspendThread to avoid deadlock. See comment in StackWalk.cpp 1109
StackWalkThread.h APIs for getting a stack trace of an arbitrary thread 1414
TimeStamp.cpp Implementation of the OS-independent methods of the TimeStamp class 4350
TimeStamp.h Platform-specific implementation details of BaseTimeDuration. 22527
TimeStamp_darwin.cpp 5601
TimeStamp_posix.cpp 9705
TimeStamp_windows.cpp 20076
TimeStamp_windows.h The [mt] unit: Many values are kept in ticks of the Performance Counter x 1000, further just referred as [mt], meaning milli-ticks. This is needed to preserve maximum precision of the performance frequency representation. GetTickCount64 values in milliseconds are multiplied with frequency per second. Therefore we need to multiply QPC value by 1000 to have the same units to allow simple arithmentic with both QPC and GTC. 4047
Uptime.cpp 4126
Uptime.h 909
WindowsDiagnostics.cpp 2919
WindowsDiagnostics.h 10217
WindowsDllMain.cpp 884
WindowsDpiAwareness.h 1260
WindowsDpiInitialization.cpp 2483
WindowsDpiInitialization.h 2138
WindowsEnumProcessModules.h 2150
WindowsMapRemoteView.cpp 4492
WindowsMapRemoteView.h 902
WindowsProcessMitigations.cpp 3267
WindowsProcessMitigations.h 734
WindowsStackCookie.h 2785
WindowsUnicode.cpp 1687
WindowsUnicode.h 1117
WindowsUnwindInfo.h 11829
WinUtils.h 4043