Name Description Size
BaseElf.cpp Search symbol with the buckets and chains tables. The hash computed from the symbol name gives an index in the buckets table. The corresponding value in the bucket table is an index in the symbols table and in the chains table. If the corresponding symbol in the symbols table matches, we're done. Otherwise, the corresponding value in the chains table is a new index in both tables, which corresponding symbol is tested and so on and so forth 6427
BaseElf.h Base class for ELF libraries. This class includes things that will be common between SystemElfs and CustomElfs. 3413
CustomElf.cpp TODO: Fill ElfLoader::Singleton.lastError on errors. 23780
CustomElf.h Library Handle class for ELF libraries we don't let the system linker handle. 3858
ElfLoader.cpp Return the current Android version, or 0 on failure. 42055
ElfLoader.h dlfcn.h replacement functions 16885
Elfxx.h Android system headers have two different elf.h file. The one under linux/ is the most complete on older Android API versions without unified headers. 5576
Linker.h 668
Logging.cpp 256
Logging.h Expand to 1 or m depending on whether there is one argument or more given. 2275
Mappable.cpp Close file ; equivalent to close(fd.forget()) 950
Mappable.h Helper class to mmap plain files. 1407 450
Utils.h On architectures that are little endian and that support unaligned reads, we can use direct type, but on others, we want to have a special class to handle conversion and alignment issues. 12543