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nsIPrefBranch.idl The nsIPrefBranch interface is used to manipulate the preferences data. This object may be obtained from the preferences service (nsIPrefService) and used to get and set default and/or user preferences across the application. This object is created with a "root" value which describes the base point in the preferences "tree" from which this "branch" stems. Preferences are accessed off of this root by using just the final portion of the preference. For example, if this object is created with the root "browser.startup.", the preferences "", "browser.startup.homepage", and "browser.startup.homepage_override" can be accessed by simply passing "page", "homepage", or "homepage_override" to the various Get/Set methods. @see nsIPrefService 18546
nsIPrefLocalizedString.idl The nsIPrefLocalizedString interface is simply a wrapper interface for nsISupportsString so the preferences service can have a unique identifier to distinguish between requests for normal wide strings (nsISupportsString) and "localized" wide strings, which get their default values from properites files. @see nsIPrefBranch @see nsISupportsString 950
nsIPrefService.idl A helper function for reading access statistics for preferences. See nsIPrefService.readStats for more details. 8501
nsIRelativeFilePref.idl The nsIRelativeFilePref interface is a wrapper for an nsIFile and and a directory service key. When used as a pref value, it stores a relative path to the file from the location pointed to by the directory service key. The path has the same syntax across all platforms. @see nsIPrefBranch::getComplexValue @see nsIPrefBranch::setComplexValue 1084
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