Name Description Size
Accounts.jsm A promise-based API for querying the existence of Sync accounts, and accessing the Sync setup wizard. Usage: Cu.import("resource://gre/modules/Accounts.jsm"); Accounts.anySyncAccountsExist().then( (exist) => { console.log("Accounts exist? " + exist); if (!exist) { Accounts.launchSetup(); } }, (err) => { console.log("We failed so hard."); } ); 5191
ActionBarHandler.jsm ActionBarHandler Object and methods. Interface between Gecko Text Selection code (AccessibleCaret, etc) and the Mobile ActionBar UI. 26167
DownloadNotifications.jsm 9499
FormAssistant.jsm 13799
FxAccountsWebChannel.jsm Firefox Accounts Web Channel. Use the WebChannel component to receive messages about account state changes. 19202
HelperApps.jsm globals ContentAreaUtils 8265
Home.jsm Adds a new banner message to the rotation. @return id Unique identifer for the message. 14996
HomeProvider.jsm SCHEMA_VERSION history: 1: Create HomeProvider (bug 942288) 2: Add filter column to items table (bug 942295/975841) 3: Add background_color and background_url columns (bug 1157539) 12254
InputWidgetHelper.jsm 3919
LightweightThemeConsumer.jsm 2326
MediaPlayerApp.jsm These apps represent players supported natively by the platform. This class will proxy commands to native controls 3958
NetErrorHelper.jsm Handlers is a list of objects that will be notified when an error page is shown or when an event occurs on the page that they are registered to handle. Registration is done by just adding yourself to the dictionary. handlers.myKey = { onPageShown: function(browser) { }, handleEvent: function(event) { }, } The key that you register yourself with should match the ID of the element you want to watch for click events on. 5469
Notifications.jsm 6852
Prompt.jsm 8079
RuntimePermissions.jsm Check whether the permissions have been granted or not. If needed prompt the user to accept the permissions. @returns A promise resolving to true if all the permissions have been granted or false if any of the permissions have been denied. 2217
Sanitizer.jsm global DownloadIntegration 15769
SelectHelper.jsm 5876
SharedPreferences.jsm Public API to getting a SharedPreferencesImpl instance. These scopes mirror GeckoSharedPrefs. 7775
Snackbars.jsm The snackbar was dismissed without executing the callback, nothing to do here. 2061
WebrtcUI.jsm 13129
WebsiteMetadata.jsm Asynchronously parse the document extract metadata. A 'Website:Metadata' event with the metadata will be sent. 16877
dbg-browser-actors.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 2930
geckoview 28 1288