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lz4.c -************************************ Tuning parameters ************************************ 113390
lz4.h --- Dependency --- 43263
lz4file.c 8647
lz4file.h ! LZ4F_readOpen() : Set read lz4file handle. `lz4f` will set a lz4file handle. `fp` must be the return value of the lz4 file opened by fopen. 3298
lz4frame.c LZ4F is a stand-alone API to create LZ4-compressed Frames in full conformance with specification v1.6.1 . This library rely upon memory management capabilities (malloc, free) provided either by <stdlib.h>, or redirected towards another library of user's choice (see Memory Routines below). 89076
lz4frame.h LZ4F is a stand-alone API able to create and decode LZ4 frames conformant with specification v1.6.1 in doc/ . Generated frames are compatible with `lz4` CLI. LZ4F also offers streaming capabilities. lz4.h is not required when using lz4frame.h, except to extract common constants such as LZ4_VERSION_NUMBER. 32749
lz4frame_static.h The declarations that formerly were made here have been merged into lz4frame.h, protected by the LZ4F_STATIC_LINKING_ONLY macro. Going forward, it is recommended to simply include that header directly. 2044
lz4hc.c note : lz4hc is not an independent module, it requires lz4.h/lz4.c for proper compilation 70129
lz4hc.h --- Dependency --- 20179 LZ4 - Library Files 7723
README.mozilla This directory contains the LZ4 source from the upstream repo: 787
xxhash.c xxhash.c instantiates functions defined in xxhash.h 1855
xxhash.h 253096