Name Description Size
fallback.cpp 1399
FdPrintf.cpp Template class allowing a limited number of increments on a value 4942
FdPrintf.h We can't use libc's (f)printf because it would reenter in replace_malloc, So use a custom and simplified version. Only %p, %zu, %s and %% are supported, %zu, %s, support width specifiers. /!\ This function used a fixed-size internal buffer. The caller is expected to not use a format string that may overflow. The aFd argument is a file descriptor on UNIX and a native win32 file handle on Windows (from CreateFile). We can't use the windows POSIX APIs is that they don't support O_APPEND in a multi-process-safe way, while CreateFile does. 1205 376
malloc_decls.h 6717 1660
mozjemalloc.cpp 185138
mozjemalloc.h 5265
mozjemalloc_types.h 7773
mozmemory.h 2684
mozmemory_utils.h 2208
mozmemory_wrap.cpp 4399
mozmemory_wrap.h 5867
Mutex.cpp 627
Mutex.h 7472
PHC.cpp 76659
PHC.h 5433
rb.h 23920
replace_malloc.h 4235
replace_malloc_bridge.h 8065
Utils.h 3742
zone.c 13821