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README There are libva headers from libva 1.13.0 used to build vaapi support for in-tree ffvpx. 139
va.h Video Acceleration (VA) API Specification Rev. 0.30 <> Revision History: rev 0.10 (12/10/2006 Jonathan Bian) - Initial draft rev 0.11 (12/15/2006 Jonathan Bian) - Fixed some errors rev 0.12 (02/05/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added VC-1 data structures for slice level decode rev 0.13 (02/28/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added GetDisplay() rev 0.14 (04/13/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Fixed MPEG-2 PictureParameter structure, cleaned up a few funcs. rev 0.15 (04/20/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Overhauled buffer management rev 0.16 (05/02/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added error codes and fixed some issues with configuration rev 0.17 (05/07/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added H.264/AVC data structures for slice level decode. rev 0.18 (05/14/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added data structures for MPEG-4 slice level decode and MPEG-2 motion compensation. rev 0.19 (08/06/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Removed extra type for bitplane data. rev 0.20 (08/08/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added missing fields to VC-1 PictureParameter structure. rev 0.21 (08/20/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added image and subpicture support. rev 0.22 (08/27/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added support for chroma-keying and global alpha. rev 0.23 (09/11/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Fixed some issues with images and subpictures. rev 0.24 (09/18/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added display attributes. rev 0.25 (10/18/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Changed to use IDs only for some types. rev 0.26 (11/07/2007 Waldo Bastian) - Change vaCreateBuffer semantics rev 0.27 (11/19/2007 Matt Sottek) - Added DeriveImage rev 0.28 (12/06/2007 Jonathan Bian) - Added new versions of PutImage and AssociateSubpicture to enable scaling rev 0.29 (02/07/2008 Jonathan Bian) - VC1 parameter fixes, added VA_STATUS_ERROR_RESOLUTION_NOT_SUPPORTED rev 0.30 (03/01/2009 Jonathan Bian) - Added encoding support for H.264 BP and MPEG-4 SP and fixes for ISO C conformance. rev 0.31 (09/02/2009 Gwenole Beauchesne) - VC-1/H264 fields change for VDPAU and XvBA backend Application needs to relink with the new library. rev 0.31.1 (03/29/2009) - Data structure for JPEG encode rev 0.31.2 (01/13/2011 Anthony Pabon)- Added a flag to indicate Subpicture coordinates are screen screen relative rather than source video relative. rev 0.32.0 (01/13/2011 Xiang Haihao) - Add profile into VAPictureParameterBufferVC1 update VAAPI to 0.32.0 Acknowledgements: Some concepts borrowed from XvMC and XvImage. Waldo Bastian (Intel), Matt Sottek (Intel), Austin Yuan (Intel), and Gwenole Beauchesne (SDS) contributed to various aspects of the API. 210429
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va_dec_av1.h \file va_dec_av1.h \brief The AV1 decoding API This file contains the \ref api_dec_av1 "AV1 decoding API". 27303
va_dec_vp8.h \file va_dec_vp.h \brief VP8 decoding API This file contains the \ref api_dec_vp8 "VP8 decoding API". 8782
va_dec_vp9.h \file va_dec_vp9.h \brief The VP9 decoding API This file contains the \ref api_dec_vp9 "VP9 decoding API". 12130
va_version.h VA_MAJOR_VERSION: The major version of VA-API (1, if %VA_VERSION is 1.2.3) 2658