Name Description Size
arm_cpudetect.c This function should actually be a no-op. There is no way to adjust any of these because the RTCD tables do not exist: the functions are called statically 3933
arm.h ARMv5TE "Enhanced DSP" instructions. 1040
asmdefs_mmi.h HAVE_MIPS64 2704
bitops.h 1784
emmintrin_compat.h From emmintrin.h (gcc 4.5.3) 1682
emms_mmx.asm 548
emms_mmx.c 519
float_control_word.asm 788
mem_ops_aligned.h \file \brief Provides portable memory access primitives for operating on aligned data This file is split from mem_ops.h for easier maintenance. See mem_ops.h for a more detailed description of these primitives. 7220
mem_ops.h \file \brief Provides portable memory access primitives This function provides portable primitives for getting and setting of signed and unsigned integers in 16, 24, and 32 bit sizes. The operations can be performed on unaligned data regardless of hardware support for unaligned accesses. The type used to pass the integral values may be changed by defining MEM_VALUE_T with the appropriate type. The type given must be an integral numeric type. The actual functions instantiated have the MEM_VALUE_T type name pasted on to the symbol name. This allows the developer to instantiate these operations for multiple types within the same translation unit. This is of somewhat questionable utility, but the capability exists nonetheless. Users not making use of this functionality should call the functions without the type name appended, and the preprocessor will take care of it. NOTE: This code is not supported on platforms where char > 1 octet ATM. 6785
mem.h Shift down with rounding 2718
msvc.h 879
ppc_cpudetect.c 1860
ppc.h 682
system_state.h 830
vpx_once.h Implement a function wrapper to guarantee initialization thread-safety for library singletons. NOTE: These functions use static locks, and can only be used with one common argument per compilation unit. So file1.c: vpx_once(foo); ... vpx_once(foo); file2.c: vpx_once(bar); will ensure foo() and bar() are each called only once, but in file1.c: vpx_once(foo); vpx_once(bar): bar() will never be called because the lock is used up by the call to foo(). 3925 1219
vpx_timer.h Win32 specific includes 2675
x86_abi_support.asm 9353
x86.h For __cpuidex, __rdtsc 11999