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libpng 1.6.39 - November 20, 2022
This is a public release of libpng, intended for use in production code.
Files available for download
Source files with LF line endings (for Unix/Linux):
* libpng-1.6.39.tar.xz (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
* libpng-1.6.39.tar.gz
Source files with CRLF line endings (for Windows):
* lpng1639.7z (LZMA-compressed, recommended)
Other information:
Changes from version 1.6.38 to version 1.6.39
* Changed the error handler of oversized chunks (i.e. larger than
PNG_USER_CHUNK_MALLOC_MAX) from png_chunk_error to png_benign_error.
* Fixed a buffer overflow error in contrib/tools/pngfix.
* Fixed a memory leak (CVE-2019-6129) in contrib/tools/pngcp.
* Disabled the ARM Neon optimizations by default in the CMake file,
following the default behavior of the configure script.
* Allowed to work with the trunk version of autoconf.
* Removed the support for "install" targets from the legacy makefiles;
removed the obsolete makefile.cegcc.
* Cleaned up the code and updated the internal documentation.
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