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diff --git jmorecfg.h jmorecfg.h
--- jmorecfg.h
+++ jmorecfg.h
@@ -13,8 +13,9 @@
* JPEG software for special applications or support machine-dependent
* optimizations. Most users will not need to touch this file.
+#include <stdint.h>
* Maximum number of components (color channels) allowed in JPEG image.
* To meet the letter of Rec. ITU-T T.81 | ISO/IEC 10918-1, set this to 255.
@@ -95,23 +96,17 @@ typedef unsigned char JOCTET;
/* UINT8 must hold at least the values 0..255. */
-typedef unsigned char UINT8;
+typedef uint8_t UINT8;
/* UINT16 must hold at least the values 0..65535. */
-typedef unsigned short UINT16;
-#else /* not HAVE_UNSIGNED_SHORT */
-typedef unsigned int UINT16;
+typedef uint16_t UINT16;
/* INT16 must hold at least the values -32768..32767. */
-#ifndef XMD_H /* X11/xmd.h correctly defines INT16 */
-typedef short INT16;
+typedef int16_t INT16;
/* INT32 must hold at least signed 32-bit values.
* NOTE: The INT32 typedef dates back to libjpeg v5 (1994.) Integers were
@@ -136,17 +131,9 @@ typedef short INT16;
* for internal use, which ensures that internal behavior will always be the
* same regardless of any external headers that may be included.
-#ifndef XMD_H /* X11/xmd.h correctly defines INT32 */
-#ifndef _BASETSD_H_ /* Microsoft defines it in basetsd.h */
-#ifndef _BASETSD_H /* MinGW is slightly different */
-#ifndef QGLOBAL_H /* Qt defines it in qglobal.h */
-typedef long INT32;
+typedef int32_t INT32;
/* Datatype used for image dimensions. The JPEG standard only supports
* images up to 64K*64K due to 16-bit fields in SOF markers. Therefore
* "unsigned int" is sufficient on all machines. However, if you need to