Name Description Size
common.h Bail out early if the host does not have input devices. 3193 Notes on writing tests. 521
test_audio.cpp libcubeb api/function exhaustive test. Plays a series of tones in different conditions. 6181
test_callback_ret.cpp libcubeb api/function test. Test that different return values from user specified callbacks are handled correctly. 7966
test_deadlock.cpp stream 8682
test_device_changed_callback.cpp libcubeb api/function test. Check behaviors of registering device changed callbacks for the streams. 3600
test_devices.cpp libcubeb enumerate device test/example. Prints out a list of devices enumerated. 8034
test_duplex.cpp libcubeb api/function test. Loops input back to output and check audio is flowing. 10766
test_latency.cpp 1186
test_logging.cpp cubeb_logging test 5172
test_loopback.cpp libcubeb api/function test. Requests a loopback device and checks that output is being looped back to input. NOTE: Usage of output devices while performing this test will cause flakey results! 22610
test_overload_callback.cpp user 2509
test_record.cpp libcubeb api/function test. Record the mic and check there is sound. 3106
test_resampler.cpp Windows cmath USE_MATH_DEFINE thing... 39696
test_ring_array.cpp Get store buffers 2274
test_ring_buffer.cpp Generate a monotonically increasing sequence of numbers. 5964
test_sanity.cpp inputbuffer 18287
test_tone.cpp libcubeb api/function test. Plays a simple tone. 3251
test_triple_buffer.cpp cubeb_triple_buffer test 1305
test_utils.cpp 1429