Name Description Size
api.js 4764
chrome 3 805
fake-global.css 78
globals.jsm Constants 5004 4097 Easily run reftests. This currently contains just the basics for running reftests. We may want to hook up result parsing, etc. 10377 3761
manifest.jsm 33570
manifest.json 353 998 Formatter designed to preserve the legacy "tbpl" format in reftest. This is needed for both the reftest-analyzer and mozharness log parsing. We can change this format when both reftest-analyzer and mozharness have been changed to read structured logs. 6448
README.txt Layout Engine Visual Tests (reftest) 34927
reftest 1
reftest-analyzer-structured.xhtml Reftest analyzer 25259
reftest-analyzer.xhtml Reftest analyzer 39673
reftest-content.js 56468 4115
reftest.jsm 71420
reftest.xhtml 692 20718
ReftestFissionChild.jsm dispatchToSelfAsWell 11718
ReftestFissionParent.jsm 8646 Web server used to serve Reftests, for closer fidelity to the real web. It is virtually identical to the server used in mochitest and will only be used for running reftests remotely. Bug 581257 has been filed to refactor this wrapper around httpd.js into it's own class and use it in both remote and non-remote testing. 20264 Runs the reftest test harness. 43112
schema.json 3
selftest 6