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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=8 sts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"
#include "gfxMatrix.h"
#include "mozilla/gfx/2D.h"
#include "mozilla/RefPtr.h"
#include "mozilla/SVGPaintServerFrame.h"
#include "mozilla/UniquePtr.h"
class nsIFrame;
namespace mozilla {
class PresShell;
class SVGAnimatedLength;
class SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio;
class SVGAnimatedTransformList;
class SVGAnimatedViewBox;
class SVGGeometryFrame;
} // namespace mozilla
nsIFrame* NS_NewSVGPatternFrame(mozilla::PresShell* aPresShell,
mozilla::ComputedStyle* aStyle);
namespace mozilla {
class SVGPatternFrame final : public SVGPaintServerFrame {
using SourceSurface = gfx::SourceSurface;
friend nsIFrame* ::NS_NewSVGPatternFrame(mozilla::PresShell* aPresShell,
ComputedStyle* aStyle);
explicit SVGPatternFrame(ComputedStyle* aStyle, nsPresContext* aPresContext);
// SVGPaintServerFrame methods:
already_AddRefed<gfxPattern> GetPaintServerPattern(
nsIFrame* aSource, const DrawTarget* aDrawTarget,
const gfxMatrix& aContextMatrix, StyleSVGPaint nsStyleSVG::*aFillOrStroke,
float aGraphicOpacity, imgDrawingParams& aImgParams,
const gfxRect* aOverrideBounds) override;
// SVGContainerFrame methods:
gfxMatrix GetCanvasTM() override;
// nsIFrame interface:
nsresult AttributeChanged(int32_t aNameSpaceID, nsAtom* aAttribute,
int32_t aModType) override;
#ifdef DEBUG
void Init(nsIContent* aContent, nsContainerFrame* aParent,
nsIFrame* aPrevInFlow) override;
nsresult GetFrameName(nsAString& aResult) const override {
return MakeFrameName(u"SVGPattern"_ns, aResult);
#endif // DEBUG
* Parses this frame's href and - if it references another pattern - returns
* it. It also makes this frame a rendering observer of the specified ID.
SVGPatternFrame* GetReferencedPattern();
// Accessors to lookup pattern attributes
uint16_t GetEnumValue(uint32_t aIndex, nsIContent* aDefault);
uint16_t GetEnumValue(uint32_t aIndex) {
return GetEnumValue(aIndex, mContent);
SVGAnimatedTransformList* GetPatternTransformList(nsIContent* aDefault);
gfxMatrix GetPatternTransform();
const SVGAnimatedViewBox& GetViewBox(nsIContent* aDefault);
const SVGAnimatedViewBox& GetViewBox() { return GetViewBox(mContent); }
const SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio& GetPreserveAspectRatio(
nsIContent* aDefault);
const SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio& GetPreserveAspectRatio() {
return GetPreserveAspectRatio(mContent);
const SVGAnimatedLength* GetLengthValue(uint32_t aIndex,
nsIContent* aDefault);
const SVGAnimatedLength* GetLengthValue(uint32_t aIndex) {
return GetLengthValue(aIndex, mContent);
void PaintChildren(DrawTarget* aDrawTarget,
SVGPatternFrame* aPatternWithChildren, nsIFrame* aSource,
float aGraphicOpacity, imgDrawingParams& aImgParams);
already_AddRefed<SourceSurface> PaintPattern(
const DrawTarget* aDrawTarget, Matrix* patternMatrix,
const Matrix& aContextMatrix, nsIFrame* aSource,
StyleSVGPaint nsStyleSVG::*aFillOrStroke, float aGraphicOpacity,
const gfxRect* aOverrideBounds, imgDrawingParams& aImgParams);
* A <pattern> element may reference another <pattern> element using
* xlink:href and, if it doesn't have any child content of its own, then it
* will "inherit" the children of the referenced pattern (which may itself be
* inheriting its children if it references another <pattern>). This
* function returns this SVGPatternFrame or the first pattern along the
* reference chain (if there is one) to have children.
SVGPatternFrame* GetPatternWithChildren();
gfxRect GetPatternRect(uint16_t aPatternUnits, const gfxRect& bbox,
const Matrix& aTargetCTM, nsIFrame* aTarget);
gfxMatrix ConstructCTM(const SVGAnimatedViewBox& aViewBox,
uint16_t aPatternContentUnits, uint16_t aPatternUnits,
const gfxRect& callerBBox, const Matrix& callerCTM,
nsIFrame* aTarget);
// this is a *temporary* reference to the frame of the element currently
// referencing our pattern. This must be temporary because different
// referencing frames will all reference this one frame
SVGGeometryFrame* mSource;
UniquePtr<gfxMatrix> mCTM;
// This flag is used to detect loops in xlink:href processing
bool mLoopFlag;
bool mNoHRefURI;
} // namespace mozilla